Ariana Grande TikTok star Paige Niemann hits back at singer

‘I’m not a fan of her anymore’: Ariana Grande TikTok star Paige Niemann hits back after singer says impersonations of her are ‘degrading’

Ariana Grande is hitting back at the “TikTok girls” who impersonate her unique look and distinct vocals. 

It all started when filmmaker Jordan Firstman appeared to poke fun of those who have been mimicking the singer, by doing his own impression – which caught the attention of Ariana, 26.

“Can this please also double as your impression of the pony tail TikTok girls who think doing the Cat Valentine voice and that wearing winged eyeliner and a sweatshirt is doing a good impersonation of me… cause this really how it feels,” she wrote.  

Peace out: Ariana Grande (above) has taken aim at “TikTok girls” that are impersonating her  

Referencing the part of the video where it said “degrading it’s entire value” Ariana appeared to endorse the sentiment by adding: “I screamed.” 

However, Paige Niemann, 14, who has found Internet fame and millions of followers by impersonating Ariana did not seem impressed at the singer’s response. 

“I’m used to Ariana shading me, so it’s whatever,” Niemann said during a livestream Thursday according to Buzzfeed. “I’m just here to entertain people. It’s not how I am in real life. It’s kind of why I’m not a fan of her any more, honestly.”

Taking it personally: Paige Niemann, 14, (pictured above) has found Internet fame and millions of followers by impersonating Ariana, and did not seem impressed at the singer’s words. 

Uncanny: The resemblance between the 14-year-old from California, left, and the Florida-born chart topper, right, is driving fans (and Ariana) crazy

Ariana doppelganger Paige was first compared to the chart topper in her school playground when she was just 10-years-old. Four years and one million TikTok followers later, the striking brunette has now found her own fame online thanks to the uncanny resemblance.

The California-native said last year that after she asked her mom to do her hair and makeup like the God Is A Woman singer, she began to learn the beauty tricks herself and the more she posted on Instagram, the more she attracted attention from Ariana fans all over the world.

But around the same time, Ariana tweeted the whole thing was “bizarre” pointing out that the mimics appear to be trying to imitate her old character Cat Valentine from kids show Victorious.

Doppelganger: The California-native, left, used Ariana’s Bring It On costume, right, as inspiration for a recent look

Album art: Paige, left, used Ariana’s 2018 Thank U, Next album cover, right, as inspiration for a recent post

She tweeted: “i just wonder whyyyy the cat voice / dialogue. i am sure she is the sweetest sweet sweetheart forreal !! but it’s definitley bizarre seeing people blend the two worlds lmao.”

The teenager chalks their likeness down to the fact that they are both Italian American. (Ariana’s full last name is Grande-Butera and she describes herself as ‘half Sicilian and half Abruzzese’.)

Paige has also gained 40,000 Instagram followers in the process, and often shares her own sponsored content as an influencer in her own right.

Before she was famous: Paige, pictured in 2016, was first compared to Ariana when she was just 10-years-old

Regina: Paige, left, takes inspiration from Ariana’s music videos, such as her turn as Regina George, right, for the Thank U Next video

‘When I started to do my looks like her some of her fans are really sweet, but the other half are the meanest people I have ever seen online,’ she said to Dazed in a February article about the downsides of looking like a celebrity.

‘Ariana fans get so offended when people do anything similar to Ariana. They’ll be like “be yourself”, or that they don’t like people stealing, or that there is only one Ariana, that I’ll never be her.’

However, any hate she receives hasn’t stopped her ‘cosplaying’ as Ariana, taking inspiration from the singer’s album art, stage costumes and music video outfits.

Recent posts, which receive up to 12,000 likes a pop, show reference to scenes from the Thank U Next video and for Halloween, Paige donned an Ariana-influenced stage costume.

Signature: Even Paige’s early selfies on her now-popular Instagram account, left, show she always bore a resemblance to Ariana, right, thanks to their similar hair and features

Angel: Paige’s picture was a clear nod to Ariana’s recent appearance in the new Charlie’s Angels music video, pictured

Inspiration: Now, Paige, pictured, posts Ariana tributes on Instagram, such as a recent picture in black angel wings

Typical comments on her post read: ‘Wow you look exactly like Ariana it’s scary’ and ‘No stop! I literally thought Ariana posted a selfie’.

‘You’re the absolute best at recreating ari looks ! queen !!!,’ praised another.

However, people can be cruel too. ‘Wannabe,’ slammed one troll, while another said: ‘Imagine not having your own personality or look’.

Meanwhile, some are just downright confused. ‘Wait this isn’t Ariana???? Is this a fan page or do you legit look like her twin I’m confused,’ one person asked.




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