Ariana Grande Stumbles and Laughs Nervously Through Most of Her Live Debut of “Thank U, Next”

On the Ellen Degeneres Show, Ariana Grande performed her new song “Thank U, Next” live for the first time. The performance was memorable, for more reason than one.

Ariana, for some reason, chose to dress up with her backup dancers – the so-called “First Wives Club” – in a bridal theme. Of course, the song that she was promoting was a breakup song related to failed relationships with boyfriends or fiances. So the “First Wives Club” theme seemed a little odd.

But what most people will likely remember about the appearance was Ariana’s difficulties with her choreography. Early in her performance, Ariana seemed slightly off the beat in her steps before finally stumbling and almost falling over her high heels. She then seemed to voice an embarrassed “Oh my God!” after the stumble, and appeared to be giggling nervously throughout the rest of performance.

Ariana then tightened up her routine and got through the end of the song.

You can check out Ariana’s performance of “Thank U, Next” on Ellen below.

(Image source: Youtube)


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