Andrew Barth Feldman Talks Filming Scenes In the Buff for ‘No Hard Feelings’

Andrew Barth Feldman is opening up about filming certain scenes for his upcoming comedy movie No Hard Feelings.

The 21-year-old actor stars in the film alongside Jennifer Lawrence, and there are scenes where they both go jump in the ocean without any clothes on, and their clothes get stolen while they’re in the water.

In a recent interview, Andrew dished on what it was like filming those scenes and how never second guessed doing it.

Find out what he said inside…

Andrew shared with People that it was “definitely a weird and uncomfortable thing to do for any human being on the planet Earth.”

“But it was so incredibly safe,” he added about the set environment while filming the nude scenes. “Everyone was so kind, constantly checking in that we were okay.”

In the movie, there’s a moment where he ends up jumping onto the hood of a police car being driven by Jennifer, which he says he “never second guessed it. Much like everything in this movie, you just have to do it, and then it will be done.”

Jennifer added, “Because you’re being forced to.” LOL!

“The car [scene] was so exciting,” Andrew added. “The sort of crucial part of my junk was up against the hood, so I didn’t really have to worry about that… It was a big fun ride.”

You can see part of that scene in the first trailer that was revealed here!

Also pictured here in the gallery: Andrew, Jennifer and their director Gene Stupnitsky attending the film’s premiere in Madrid on Wednesday (June 14). Earlier in the day, they stepped out for a photo call.

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