Andrea McLean blasted by BBC viewers over Celebrity Mastermind blunder

Andrea McLean passes on first Celebrity Mastermind question

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Andrea McLean, 53, took part in Celebrity Mastermind on Saturday night, calling The Sound of Music her “absolute favourite” film growing up. However, having chosen it for her specialist subject, many BBC viewers took to Twitter to criticise the former Loose Women star for “not knowing” enough about the film.

First question and she doesn’t know it!


Andrea was the first to take a seat on the Black Chair this evening, stunning in a red blazer and tight black leather trousers.

The former Loose Women panellist said on Instagram that she believed she would be the future “Marie Von Trapp” after the show.

However, many BBC viewers took to Twitter to criticise the author for only scoring five on her specialist subject.

AlbertEdmunds10 said: “Has she seen The Sound of Music? #celebritymastermind.”

RealEni added: “First question and she doesn’t know it! Hope this doesn’t set the tone of the show! #CelebrityMastermind.”

Sdfpk commented: “I think I know more than that about the Sound of Music tbh #celebritymastermind.” (sic)

While BodenJones admitted: “Just got eight on The Sound of Music on #celebritymastermind.”

Prior to the show, Andreea took to Instagram to talk about her “favourite film” along with snaps of herself on the show.

She wrote: “I can’t believe I got to sit in the #BlackChair and take part in Celebrity Mastermind!! You can see how I get on answering questions about my Specialist Subject, which was…

“The Sound of Music! It was my absolute FAVOURITE film growing up, and yes, I even ended up going to a convent school and toyed with the idea of becoming a nun.

“I also went on a school trip around that time to a fire station and I then decided I’d rather be a firefighter, running into blazing buildings, rescuing people and putting out fires.

“It would have definitely been a unique niche if I’d become a firefighting nun, but it’s got me thinking… How funny that I ended up 40 years later running a business called This Girl Is On Fire, helping women have confidence in themselves?”

“Maybe I became Maria Von Trapp after all?” she added.

Andrea was joined on this evening’s edition of the show alongside Colin Hoult, Rhys Stephenson and Hannah Cockroft.

The former Strictly star was praised on Twitter for his knowledge of his specialist subject, The Heart.

Rubylady123 said: “A proper subject and he did really well. #celebritymastermind.”

However, overall the episode did not have the celebrities over-perform, resulting in Twitter criticism.


“What an indictment upon intelligence. Colin, Caesar from Chekatrade adverts, won it.”

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