Amy Roloff Urges Followers to Please “Make a Difference”

Amy Roloff really wants her followers to get into the holiday spirit.

No, she doesn’t want them to decorate their Christmas trees or start caroling around the block every night.

Well, maybe she does. Those things do make people feel good, you know?

But the Little People, Big World matriarch had something else in mind this week when she shared a message on Instagram.

“And the Christmas holiday is here at our house,” wrote Amy as a caption to a photo of her gorgeous tree a couple days ago, adding:

“Today is Giving Tuesday and there’s no better time (besides throughout the year) then to Give to a worthy organization.”

Roloff relayed these important words not long after garnering some flak for the way some critics think she’s been exploiting her family members.

“The main goal is to help, make a difference,serve and impact others lives,” continued Amy.

‘Obviously there are many worthy organizations that need support. There are a few on the too of my list.

“These are challenging times we are in and many are hurting, feel uncertain, sad and a whole lot more.”

Roloff also passed this message along a few months after her son, Jacob, sort of called her and other loved ones out for their white privilege.

In the wake of this summer’s Black Lives Matter protests, Jacob listed a number of organizations to which he hoped folks would donate, and wrote as a caption back then:

“Tagging my family (those with great followings) because they have majority white audiences who desperately require a call to solidarity with these protesters and dissenters.”

Jacob made some waves with this call to action.

He’s always been quite outspoken on a number of topics.

Back to Amy, however.

“We can be joyful amongst our challenges because we are strong and together we can make a difference,” concluded Amy on her Instagram page.

‘The point is, whatever you’re able to give DOES make a difference. From my heart, if you’re able I hope you make a donation Today to an organization you feel is worthy.

“May you see the blessing and be blessed this Christmas holiday season. Merry Christmas to you all.”

So well said, right?!?

At times such as this, we want to applaud Amy and we also want to ask a favor of those who are often so hard on her, for such lame reasons.

Can we please give her a break?

Pretty please?!?

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