Amanda Bynes Likely on Streets for Days, Psychiatric Hold to be Extended

amanda bynes

Amanda Bynes will likely spend an extended period of time getting the psychiatric care she needs, and we’ve learned more about the days leading up to her walking naked through L.A. streets.

Sources close to Amanda tell us they’re still putting the pieces together, but at this point believe she could’ve been living on the streets for several days. We’re told Amanda’s car was towed on March 15 in Long Beach, about 40 miles from her home … and 25 miles from downtown L.A., where she popped up Sunday.

From Long Beach, our sources believe Amanda hitchhiked or took public transport to get around. She was spotted in Hollywood on March 18, appearing out of it but still clothed.

At one point, we’re told, Amanda got a ride to Beverly Hills from a stranger but then asked to return to Hollywood.

We’re also told since she was first brought to a mental health hospital early Sunday morning, she’s started to make improvements … but the expectation is she will likely be committed at least another week before she’ll be well enough for discharge.

amanda bynes

As we told you, it was early morning March 19 when Bynes was spotted wandering the streets near Downtown Los Angeles — waving a car down for help and calling 911.

Bynes was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold, which typically lasts at least 72 hours.

Amanda Bynes

Today, March 22, marks exactly one year since Amanda’s conservatorship was terminated. At this time, sources close to Amanda tell us her parents don’t plan to bring the conservatorship back into play.

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