Amanda Bynes Conservatorship Ends TOMORROW!!

In just 24 hours, Amanda Bynes will be FREE from her conservatorship!!

That’s right, after nearly nine years, the court has determined she is capable of taking back control of her life! And they were able to make that decision in less than a month!

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, the judge for her case issued a temporary ruling on Monday confirming that the Nickelodeon alum’s conservatorship is “no longer required.” The judge is expected to make the decision official in a court hearing on Tuesday morning.

Wow!! This has all happened SO fast!

As Perezcious readers know, the She’s The Man star first filed to end her conservatorship late last month. Her person and estate were initially placed under the control of a conservator in 2013. At the time, she was displaying a series of concerning behaviors that landed her in two involuntary psychiatric holds. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder around that time, something she claimed was affecting some of her decision-making back then.

She’s spent the last few years in and out of rehab and getting the help she needs to live independently. Last week, a psychiatrist signed off on her desire to be released from the conservatorship by submitting a “capacity declaration” to court. The docs, per The Blast, stated:

“Ms. Bynes has no apparent impairment in alertness and attention, information and processing, or ability to modulate mood and affect, and suffers no thought disorders.”

While her parents were always on board with the decision to let her end the conservatorship, her mother Lynn (who served as a conservator) was especially accepting of the decision in thanks to this medical professional’s take on her daughter’s health, stating in her own docs:

“Lynn Bynes does not object to the termination of this conservatorship.”

This support has no doubt helped Bynes’ case fly through the court system!

The 35-year-old actress has been living in her own apartment this past year as part of a structured community for women looking to “transition into an autonomous lifestyle,” as detailed in the capacity declaration. She is expected to begin renting a new place in LA with her fiancé Paul Michael once her conservatorship is officially axed, People confirmed. That’s just around the corner now!

We couldn’t be happier to see this star make such incredible progress! It’s also refreshing to see how seemingly simple it was for her to get out of the conservatorship — compared to Britney Spears, that is. We cannot wait to see the amazing things Amanda does from here on!

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