Addison Rae & Dixie D’Amelio Dish On Their First TikTok Crush!

Addison Rae and Dixie D’Amelio are opening up about the time before they were famous on TikTok!

In a new YouTube video on Dixie‘s channel, the girls dished on who they had a crush on from the app that they then met, and they picked the same guy.

“Can you go first?” Addison says, to which Dixie said, “Troy Zarba.”

“I was gonna say that!” Addison added with a laugh.

“He’s the only person that was on my for you page before I came out [to LA],” Dixie added. “I didn’t know any of these people.”

“So I definitely had a crush on Troy whenever I lived, when I was in college,” Addison continued. “I remember I was scrolling through his page because he was super big in the transitions at the time, and that was like everything.”

Check out more of what they shared in the video!

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