Adam Levine Dragged Over BLM Support Following 2019 Super Bowl Performance

A fan, who started a petition against Maroon 5 and its Super Bowl LIII performance, takes a jab at the singer by updating the petition’s description.

AceShowbizAdam Levine is among celebrities who show support for Black Lives Matter movement. However, not all people welcomed his pro-Black Lives Matters messages as he earned backlash instead.

The criticism stemmed from his and his band Maroon 5 taking the offer to perform at Super Bowll LIII in Atlanta in 2019 while a number of black artists allegedly turned down the chance in support of quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who was unsigned due to his “taking a knee” racial injustice protests. At the time, a fan named Vic Oyedeji started a petition to ask Maroon 5 to drop out of their gig.

Now that Adam has been taking to his social media account to share information and raise awareness about racial injustice in America, Vic added a new update to the petition. “I was recently alerted that he’s been posting on Instagram about social justice and all, but when he had the chance to not perform during the 2019 Super Bowl in protest to the NFL’s treatment of Colin Kaepernick, he folded!” he wrote of the former “The Voice” judge.

“We even asked him to #TakeAKnee during the show, but he and his guest artists that performed that night never did that. So I feel he needs to admit what he failed to do and own up to his mistake!” he added.

Referring to NFL’s apology to Colin, Vic added, “If NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell can admit the NFL was wrong by not listening to their players, Adam Levine should be able to admit that Maroon 5 fell short of holding the NFL accountable for its racist policies during the 2019 Super Bowl. He needs to own that mistake, and call for other celebrities to do more than just post on social media. We need real change!”

Concluding the description of the petition, the Dunham resident wrote, “Hey @AdamLevine. Glad to see you standing up for racial justice, but where were you when fans asked you not to play the Super Bowl in solidarity with @kaepernick7? You ignored them and endorsed the blatant racism of the NFL. If Roger Goodell can own their mistake, will you?”

Adam has yet to respond to the matter.

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