Abbie Quinnen reveals the horrific burns she sustained in accident

PICTURED: Abbie Quinnen reveals the horrific second and third-degree burns she suffered in terrifying fire accident… after saying she asked beau AJ Pritchard if he would ‘still love her’ in the aftermath

  • Abbie was filming with her beau, 26, when the accident happened on January 19
  • The couple were trying to cut a wine bottle in half and make a vase for a video
  • Former Strictly pro AJ tried to put out flames with a wet tea towel and called 999 
  • Dancer Abbie, 23, has since needed three skin grafts and made 20 hospital visits
  • She suffered third-degree burns on her body and second-degree on her face  
  • Abbie also revealed she dropped to just seven-stone after the awful accident

Abbie Quinnen has revealed the extent of the second-degree burns on her face she suffered after a horrific fire accident.

The professional dancer, 23, needed three skin grafts after a video she was filming with boyfriend AJ Pritchard, 26, went horribly wrong and saw a wine bottle explode and set fire to her hair and clothing in January.

Abbie, who also suffered third-degree burns on her body, has now shared pictures taken before her surgeries to highlight the burns which cover much of the right side of her face. 

In the snaps, she is seen with a bandage wrapped around her blonde hair while more dressings can also be seen entirely covering her torso, shoulders and neck.

Heartbreaking: Abbie Quinnen has revealed the extent of the second-degree burns on her face she suffered after a horrific fire accident

Abbie is also seen with a cast on one arm and a large bandage on the other to aid in the healing of the burns. 

A further photo obtained by The Sun showed Abbie’s burns had substantially improved a few weeks after the accident. 

The snaps come after brave Abbie revealed that she asked boyfriend AJ if he ‘would still love her’ following the accident.

The beauty candidly recalled her first thoughts after the terrifying incident, revealing she was ‘shaking in horror’ and saw her ‘life flash before her eyes.’  

Abbie also said that it only took seconds for her body to set alight and while she was rolling around in terror, AJ used wet towels to try and put out the flames.

Injuries: Abbie, who also suffered third-degree burns on her body, posed for photos to highlight the burns which cover much of the right side of her face

She told The Sun: ‘The first thing I said to AJ was, “Is my face going to be OK? Are you still going to love me?” I kept repeating this to him and I was shaking in horror.

‘It was such a shock, I was panicking and screaming. I dropped down to the floor and I was rolling to try to put out the fire. I saw my life flash before my eyes.’ 

Abbie also reflected on the gruelling recovery process so far, revealing that she was taking 27 tablets a day, but is now only using paracetamol for the pain, and dropped to just seven-stone in weight when she was left bed-bound after the accident.     

Abbie, who was left with injuries on her face, neck, chest, torso and shoulder, also revealed that when the flames were put out the floor was covered in her burnt hair. 

Devastating: Abbie revealed that she asked boyfriend AJ Pritchard if he ‘would still love her’ after the horrific fire accident (pictured before the accident)  

Terrifying: The blonde was filming a video with her beau, 26, when the accident happened on January 19 and was driven to Ealing Hospital in London by her partner’s brother, Curtis, 25 (pictured before the accident in January) 

After one night in Ealing Hospital Abbie was transferred to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital’s burns unit, where she said she tried to avoid any mirrors.

The influencer explained how her face had swelled up and she couldn’t use her right eye but kept catching small glimpses of her visage in her phone screen.

She also revealed that AJ, who had held a vigil outside the first hospital overnight, tried to drop off some fresh clothes for her but she refused to see him.

Abbie said: ‘From the moment it happened, I was worried I would never look the same again… I was terrified about seeing anyone.’

After days apart, Abbie didn’t want AJ to see her wrapped up in bandages however the Strictly star explained how he just took her hand and became emotional when they were reunited and Abbie discharged from the hospital.

The doting beautold The Sun last Sunday: ‘Seeing her walking to me, having got out of her wheelchair, it was the hardest day of my life but also the happiest.’  

Abbie’s recovery has been intense and she’s required three skin grafts, with doctors taking skin from her rib cage for the first surgery- however they ended up using donor skin as she had an infection at the time of the procedure.

Shock: Abbie candidly recalled her first thoughts after the terrifying incident, revealing she was ‘shaking in horror’ and saw her ‘life flash before her eyes’ (pictured before) 

The dancer explained she opted for this location as she ‘couldn’t cope’ with losing anymore hair and taking skin from the back of her head.

Luckily, the third graft was able to be completed with her skin, with doctors taking from her rib cage and using on seven patches, including her arm, torso and neck. 

Now two months on from the awful accident, Abbie said she and AJ are closer than ever with the former Strictly pro helping her recover at home.

Abbie said her beau helps her moisturise every day and is constantly reassuring her they’ll be a strong couple forever and will make it through the recovery.

AJ has also spoken candidly about the trauma of Abbie’s accident and had to fight back tears as he detailed the horrific ordeal of seeing ‘someone he loves on fire’. 

The dancer described how a YouTube video went ‘horribly wrong’ and his girlfriend ‘caught alight so fast’, while trying to forge a vase out of a wine bottle bottle using fire while speaking on Lorraine on Tuesday. 

Support: Abbie said AJ has been there for her 24/7 and helping to get her through recovery from the accident and her three skin grafts (pictured together before her accident)

AJ told how he sat outside the hospital all night after being banned from entering due to Covid restrictions, after rushing his partner to A&E following the terrifying accident.  

During the interview, AJ also admitted the possibility of laser treatment to help heal certain areas has been discussed. But for now, medics have dubbed her Super Abbie because she is ‘healing fantastically’, following the harrowing ordeal. 

Speaking of the incident, AJ went on: ‘The thing was, to turn a wine bottle into a vase. There’s a tutorial to just follow online and unfortunately it went horribly wrong. I think what’s really scary is that her clothes caught light, her hair caught light and it all happened so fast, yet felt like a lifetime of a scenario.’

On how he responded to the situation, AJ said: ‘When it happened, I think the most upsetting thing is seeing your loved one, someone you love, on fire and being, what felt like so helpless in such a moment. 

‘As soon as the fire on her body, on her hair, on her skin was out we covered her in damp towels, we called 999, we did everything we thought was the right thing to do and to get her to A&E as soon as possible. 

Harrowing: AJ fought back tears as he detailed the horrific ordeal of seeing ‘someone he loves on fire’ while appearing on This Morning on Tuesday

‘Thankfully, Curtis was here to help. Abbie was in shock, I was trying to keep Abbie calm, Curtis was trying to keep me calm and get us both to the hospital.

AJ continued: ‘And I think what was really overwhelming to me was as soon as I was handing her over to people that I knew were going to help, which were the nurses at Ealing Hospital, for me emotionally…

‘I was just absolutely torn and being so calm and collected when it was happening, trying to go through all what was the right thing to do but then as soon as I handed her over I sat outside and I remember the night so vividly.’  

Since the accident, a number of fans have reached out to Abbie and AJ to send their best wishes. 

Among them is Claudia Winkleman, 49, whose daughter Matilda suffered burns in 2014 after her Halloween costume caught alight. 

Abbie said she was ‘so happy’ to hear from the TV presenter, adding that hearing about other people’s recoveries has helped her focus on her own. 

AJ has also chatted about the mental effects of Abbie’s accident, previously telling The Sun he’s still plagued by memories. 

Showing support: Claudia Winkleman, whose daughter suffered burns in 2014, reached out to fellow Strictly star AJ and Abbie after their terrifying fire accident

The star said he sometimes wakes up in the night thinking about what happened, adding that he wouldn’t rule out talking to a professional for help in the future.

He also told the publication that it’s all ‘very traumatic’ still and he tries to avoid anything on TV that involves fire as the horrific accident is still too raw. 

Abbie broke her silence on the matter last Sunday and told fans she’s ‘OK’ following the accident on January 19. 

As well as reassuring followers she’s recovering in her Instagram message, Abbie warned others to be ‘careful’ after a YouTube tutorial went terribly wrong. 

She also thanked staff at the Chelsea & Westminster burns unit for their ‘incredible care and treatment’ as she continues to improve seven weeks after her ordeal. 

The influencer said: ‘I am sad I have been absent in the last few weeks and haven’t posted much with AJ, we so desperately wanted to be able to share daily vlogs with you all but unfortunately I have had an accident.

Statement: Abbie broke her silence on the matter last Sunday and told fans she’s ‘OK’ following the accident on January 19

‘So much love for you!’ The Voice’s Lydia Lucy and fellow dancers Chloe Hewitt and Amelia Bath sent their well wishes to their pal

‘Whilst we were attempting to create a glass bottle into a vase following a YouTube tutorial it went terribly wrong and it resulted in me incurring injuries and burns requiring continuous hospital treatment over the past seven weeks. 

‘I really need you all to be careful with what you’re doing and if you’re copying any YouTube videos. I will be OK, I love you all

‘I also want to say a massive thank you to the nurses and doctors and the Chelsea & Westminster burns unit for their incredible care and treatment.’ 

Also on Sunday, former Strictly star AJ declared ‘our followers’ messages keep us all going’ as he thanked them for their support during the latest episode of podcast, AJ v Curtis.

Revealing he’ll share more details on the scary ordeal in the near future, AJ said: ‘It came out that the there was an accident with Abbie. And I just want to say just make it quite brief, to be honest.  

‘For anybody that hasn’t seen the story yesterday where Abbie had an accident. That’s why I’m just saying thank you for all the lovely messages, thank you very much for all the love and support and the kind messages. 

‘I know we haven’t replied to everybody. But yeah, thank you for that. And we will talk about it further down the line when we both feel comfortable.  

Help: Curtis, 25, drove Abbie and AJ to the hospital on the night of the accident after they were told an ambulance would take some time to arrive (the brothers are pictured together in 2020) 

‘So yeah, just thanks for that love. It means a lot on your support, keeps those positive and keeps us all going.’

AJ and Abbie have been dating since 2018 and seem to have gone from strength to strength during lockdown.

The I’m A Celebrity contestant recently gushed over his pro dancer love as he detailed how they’ve been discussing the future lots during the pandemic.  

Abbie has also gushed over her dancer beau in the past, admitting she believes AJ is ‘The One’ and that she was ‘going crazy’ without him by her side during his stint in the Welsh I’m A Celebrity camp last year.

In an exclusive interview with MailOnline, Abbie said: ‘I am so desperate to see him – I am going crazy I feel like I have been lost without him.

‘All I want to do is hug him and kiss him – it’s been too long now! I definitely can see he is missing me.

‘While AJ has been in the castle he organised some gifts for me that I’d have during his time in there to show he was still thinking of me.’ 

Couple: Abbie and AJ have been dating since 2018

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