A Place In The Sun’s Laura Hamilton hits out at ‘inappropriate’ comments on pics from fans

Laura Hamilton reveals she recently had panic attack

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Last year, A Place In The Sun star Laura Hamilton told fans she’d suffered a panic attack after trolls wrote nasty comments about her business online. And now, the 39-year-old has revealed how she deals with negative remarks.

The mum-of-two, who runs a local eatery in addition to her presenting work, admitted that she likes social media and makes time to reply to kind messages.

However, she tries not to read the bad stuff and swiftly deletes “inappropriate comments”.

In a new interview she said: “I try not to read too many of the comments [on Instagram], but I do like to respond to people if they’re like ‘where is your dress from?’”

“Sometimes when there’s inappropriate comments I’m like ‘eugh I don’t need to read that’ and a lot of the time I delete them, and the same with any negative stuff,” she told The Sun, hitting back at the remarks.

Back in March 2020, Laura recalled a “scary” situation which led to her husband Alex Goward calling an ambulance for her.

In an Instagram update shortly after the incident, she informed her fans that she’d had a panic attack.

She said it felt like she couldn’t breath and that she was “drowning”.

Laura said the panic attack had been triggered by comments regarding her coffee shop.

“On Saturday night there were some really, really nasty people who decided to make lots of nasty comments about what we are doing on one of our local neighbourly websites and it affected me so badly that I couldn’t breathe.

“I didn’t actually know what was happening to me,” she said in a video upload.

“I actually felt like I was drowning…

“And it was so scary that Alex actually ended up calling an ambulance,” Laura told her 133,000 followers.

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After being treated by medical professionals, she was informed that she’d suffered a panic attack.

One year on from the incident, Laura said the comments about Lord Roberts On The Green felt more personal that those about her TV presenting work.

During a chat with Express.co.uk, she said: “When it comes to my work, I sort of don’t [look] because I appreciate that not everyone will like my presentation style on TV and that’s fine.

“You can never expect everyone to like you but I think with the shop it was different, because the shop is in my community.

“It’s a family thing and we were trying to do the best for our community; it wasn’t about my TV career.”

Laura recently revealed that she and her husband are selling their business, but that hasn’t stopped her from working on the venture.

“Although we have decided it is time to sell up, I am by no means taking my foot off the pedal,” she said in a social media post two days ago.

“I want to continue to make @lordrobertsonthegreen an amazing place for the community, as well as for the team who make LROTG the special place it is (and who have helped keep it alive over the tough last 18 months!)” she added.

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