What It's Like to Go to Paris Fashion Week as a Celebrity

What It’s Like to Go to Paris Fashion Week as a Celebrity

I’m sitting across from Ashley Benson and two friends at a corner table for brunch, talking about everything from beauty to food, like old friends might. It would be a normal Saturday for a reporter, save for we’re at LouLou’s in Paris, located a stone’s throw from the Louvre in the courtyard, where we’re about to be treated to a private tour.

As we sit under the sun, Benson reveals that she uses hair extensions to get her short, blond bob — two small tape-ins that frame the front of her face, add length, and introduce a pop of blond. She makes me feel better about my entire head of fake hair. And despite being a self-proclaimed novice at makeup, Benson carries foundation and a Beautyblender in her purse at all times.

I’d never think I would be casually getting brunch with the actress, but I’m here attending Paris Fashion Week with her and makeup artist Sir John, who are both ambassadors for L’Oréal Paris. The brand told me I’d be spending some time with them during my five-day trip, but what I didn’t realize was that I’d be spending most of my time with them — not just 20 minutes for an interview.

Ever wonder what a week with a celebrity is really like? Here’s what transpired during those five days at Paris Fashion Week.

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