Umm, This May Be The Greatest Workout Playlist Of All Time

It can be hard to stay motivated during a workout, especially when you have sooo many other things on your mind. But exercise can help distract you from your to-do lists and every day anxieties, something we all could really use during the age of the novel coronavirus.

“We know about the mental and physical benefits of exercise for the brain, and that it aids with sleep,” says Jordan Metzl, MD, a sports medicine physician at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City previously told Women’s Health. “When people are ruminating about something, exercise helps.”

If you’re struggling to stay in the zone, there are a couple of things you can do to really amplify your sweat sesh. Lacing up a fresh pair of sneakers, for starters. Or a crowd favorite: cranking the beats.

The right workout playlist can make a huge difference in how you feel and perform during your workouts. Listening to high-tempo music (the kind that’s around 170 heartbeats per minute), made people perceive their workouts as being easier, even when they were challenging, and t boosted cardiovascular benefits more than lower tempo tunes, according to a recent study published in Frontiers in Psychology.

What’s more: Music may change the way that you respond to fatigue—and even boost your endurance, per research published in the Journal of Sports Exercise Psychology. Plus, other research from Sage Journal has shown that tunes can make you feel more powerful and that people who listen to music they deemed “pleasing” had higher levels of serotonin, also known as the “feel-good” hormone, according to findings published in the book Progress in Brain Research. Combine that with a workout, which already amps up your endorphins, and you’ll really be treating your body right.

Looking for the perfect soundtrack for your next sweat? Check out these playlists below broken down into overall workout songs, and then into categories made just for running, cycling, lifting, and yoga. Scroll to the bottom for a Spotify playlist of all our picks. Are you ready to finally rock your workout?

50 Best Workout Songs

Best Workout Songs For Running

These upbeat songs will keep you motivated while on the trails or the treadmill. And many of these tracks hover around the standard BPM (beats per minute) cadence for logging miles, which is roughly between 170 and 180.

Best Workout Songs For Spin

Perfect for everything from sprints to slow climbs, these songs have a good range of BPM to bring you through a 45–minute session.

Best Workout Songs For Yoga

It’s time to turn down, just a little bit. These slower, soulful beats are the perfect tracks to take you through your next sun salutation.

Best Workout Songs For Lifting

Consisting of mostly hip-hop, these bass-heavy tracks are just the right groove to be picking things up and putting them down.

Ready to put the master playlist to the test? Try it out below:

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