This Is Exactly What Kelly Ripa Eats in One Day

As the celebrity ambassador of personalized vitamin program Persona Nutrition, it comes as no surprise that Kelly Ripa’s day-to-day diet is as clean as can be. She begins her day with a glass of Get off Your Acid’s Daily Greens mixed with water, a mug of coffee and ghee, and, of course, her personalized Persona supplements she calls her “foundational vitamin.”

Read on to see what else Ripa eats after she’s done filming her morning show, Live with Kelly and Ryan.

For breakfast, Ripa mixes almond butter with cinnamon to top slices of green apples. “I eat that like a porridge, if you will,” she says.

After working out, the talk show host sits down for a more substantial brunch meal. Ripa tends to go for “a big salad of microgreens,” including avocado and toasted nuts. “The avocado toast kick of 2015 to 2017 was two years where avocado toast was pretty much the foundation of my diet,” she says. “And I had it with just about every meal. Sometimes, I would fry an egg and add that on top. Sometimes, a piece of cheese would accompany the avocado toast. But the avocado toast was a real staple of my diet.”

Watch the full episode above to see what else is on Ripa’s plate.

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