The chaotic wing is the makeup trend everyone can try

The mood for makeup in 2022?

Chaos. Mess. Goblin mode.

As those on TikTok try the Julia Fox inspired eyeliner filter while doing their best ‘uncah jaahms’, it might feel like super heavy, wobbly eyeliner is a look to be ridiculed.

But mark our words – this look is trickling down into the mainstream, and soon we may all well be scribbling over our lids.

Proof? Just look to the London Fashion Week runway.

At the Hip Curve & Friends show on February 19, models were sent down the catwalk pairing oversized pussybows and fussy florals with one key makeup style: heavy, slightly unhinged, black eyeliner.

The good thing about this trend is that it doesn’t require much faff.

Unlike the Euphoria inspired graphic liner we’ve seen in recent years, this style doesn’t need a steady hand or a fine brush.

Wobbles are allowed. The same goes for an uneven finish. That meme where you go wrong on one eye, so pile on more liner, then add more on the other eye to match, until you’re looking like a drunk raccoon? That’s the vibe.

The only requirement is that you fully commit to the bit.

A slightly off cat-eye won’t do the trick. Neither will a liner that’s only slightly larger than your usual flick.

The key here is big, messy, almost scary. When we say ‘chaotic’, we mean it.

Grab some kohl and get drawing with a heavy hand, going thick at the end of your wing rather than tapering off.

Couple with a super refined outfit or go down the Julia Fox route in leather and latex.

As long as your liner is messier than your love life, you’re set.

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