Stylish iPhone Cases Compatible with Apple’s New MagSafe Battery Pack

On Tuesday, Apple released the MagSafe battery pack– a new accessory that utilizes the iPhone 12’s MagSafe technology to enable wireless charging. It’s similar to the Apple MagSafe charger, but this $99 battery pack is much more portable. It can attach directly to the back of any iPhone 12 or iPhone Pro model to wirelessly charge the phone’s battery. But what does that mean for the fate of your old phone case? 

MagSafe-compatible cases are a convenient option to keep your phone protected without interfering with the iPhone’s innovation. Despite Apple’s MagSafe battery pack just being released, the technology has been around long enough to establish the demand for MagSafe-friendly phone accessories, so there’s no shortage of stylish and convenient cases to choose from if you’re looking to make the leap. Here are 13 of the cutest cases and accessories compatible with Apple’s new MagSafe battery pack!

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