Stranger diagnoses woman with infection after spotting rash on TikTok video

A woman has shared how she discovered her ‘eczema’ was actually a fungal infection after a stranger on TikTok encouraged her to get a mark on her back medically checked.

Rosie Breen, 25, was surprised when she spotted a comment from a follower on TikTok telling her to go to the doctor to get a mark on her back looked at.

Rosie – who has suffered with eczema since she was a child – thought it was just a flare-up of her condition.

However, a trip to the doctor confirmed she had tinea versicolor, which is a common fungal infection of the skin. Thankfully, it can be easily treated with an over-the-counter antifungal lotion, cream or shampoo.

Although it was nothing to worry about, Rosie is hugely grateful that the stranger spotted it straight away.

Rosie, who is an influencer, from Winchester, Hampshire, said: ‘I’m so thankful a stranger on TikTok spotted the mark on my back and told me to get it checked out.

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‘I was just revealing my back in a video to show I was body positive about my eczema.

‘I noticed a stranger’s comment telling me it looks like a fungal infection, and it might be a good idea to get it checked.

‘Fortunately, it’s nothing to worry about but I’m amazed she spotted it.

‘I had just thought it was my eczema so never would have thought to get it looked at.’

Rosie regularly gets eczema flare-ups on her back, arms, neck and face, but treats them with prescribed creams.

‘They can be a bit inconvenient and be red and inflamed after I have been to the gym, but it doesn’t hold me back,’ she explained.

‘I post about it on my TikTok and Instagram and like to encourage body positivity.

‘I posted a video showing off a top I used to never wear when I was self-conscious of my back and noticed the comment.’

The follower commented saying: ‘It looks like you have tinea versicolor on your back, it’s not harmful but it’s skin fungus that cause the spots, might want to get it checked.’

Rosie says that as soon as she saw the comment she contacted a medical professional.

‘Sure enough it was the fungal infection she thought it was,’ Rosie noted.

‘Now I’m just waiting for a prescription to treat it.

‘It’s amazing that she clocked and although it wasn’t anything serious, I’m so glad she said something.

‘I thanked her on TikTok for spotting it.

‘It still amazes me that she did.’

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