Stella McCartney launches skincare range – pledging to be eco-conscious

A fashion icon is branching out into beauty.

Known for her eco-conscious mindset with fashion (remember her mushroom leather garments?), Stella McCartney is taking that same outlook and applying it to skincare.

Launching tomorrow, the collection – which has been two years in the making – is designed to offer a curated earth-respecting alternative to luxury skincare.

The three-piece range is said to not ‘over-stimulate’ the skin, focusing on ‘long-term vitality over short-term results’.

In a market oversaturated with multi-step skincare routines, STELLA is a hard pass to that, instead encouraging consumers to strip it back to just a few products.

There’s a serum, cleanser and cream – all of which have made heavy use of natural ingredients (all are at least 99% natural) – and these are cruelty-free and vegan.

Even better, the products have a special ‘high cliff’ scent which has been created by renowned perfumer Francis Kurkdjian (the nose behind Baccarat Rouge – the scent all over central London).

It’s inspired by Stella’s ‘deep affinity’ with the Scottish landscape and her childhood memories – so you can expect a heavenly, soothing scent made up of pine resin, clove leaf and eucalyptus to go with the stripped-back skincare.

Key ingredients across the range are algae extract, birch sap, lingonberry extract and rock samphire – all of which are said to boost skin health.

Recycled glass and recycled plastic feature in the packaging to reduce environmental damage.

Stella said: ‘We set out with an idea, and because we didn’t want to compromise – on results, the origin of our ingredients, and, of course, ensuring we minimised our impact on Mother Earth – we kept on trying.

‘Constantly evolving and aiming for what I felt was possible: rooted in nature, truly effective and responsible skincare.

‘I believe the consumer needs to know there’s another way, that they have a choice.’

Prices range from £38 to £90 and the products can be bought directly through Stella McCartney, then it mid-September through SpaceNK.

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