Need a Quick Mani? Try These 17 Nail Stickers

If you know me, you know my go-to beauty ~thing~ is a manicure. My camera roll is mostly screenshots of spring nail polish colors at this point, and I slather my nails in cuticle oil like it’s my GD job. But here’s the thing: Always getting a salon-worthy mani costs money honeyyyy, and I don’t always have the time (ahem, patience) to put on a base coat, two color coats, a top coat, and wait for it all to dry. That’s why my manicures now exclusively consist of nail stickers and wraps, which are basically nail polish’s chiller sibling—just peel, stick, paint on a top coat, and boom! You’re set.

So in honor of saving some $$$ and time, I found the 17 best nail stickers and wraps, so you can join me on this hassle-free-mani ~journey~ asap. But if you want a little sneak peek of the content ahead, here’s a bb list:

Our top picks for the best nail stickers in 2022:

1. Best nail sticker embellishments

Considering one of the top spring nail trends on the runways was rhinestone embellishments, you bet they’re gonna be included in this roundup. The best part? You can also use these rhinestones for some crystal eye looks if you’re feeling extra glam. Hot tip: If you really want these bbs to stay, I suggest using a dot of nail glue.

THE REVIEWS: “Love them! Will purchase again when I run out. Super easy to apply. They stick well and only come off of you intentionally pick at [the] rhinestone.

2. Best nail sticker variety

Not sure what vibe you’re looking for when it comes to nail stickers? There’s no need to choose when you snag this pack of 50 sheets, which includes a nice assortment of butterflies, florals, and feathers. Hot tip: Since these stickers are on the smaller size, it’s not a bad idea to place them onto your nails with tweezers.

THE REVIEWS: “Once you’ve got down the trial-and-error application process for these cute and affordable nail stickers, get ready for multiple compliments…”

3. Best nail stickers and nail polish set

The Y2k aesthetic is back, remember?!! And what’s better for spring than these adorbs butterflies and pastel nail polishes? The butterfly stickers and included blue and purple polishes are *chef’s kiss* together. Simply paint your nails, and once they’re dry, pop on the stickers and seal with a top coat. Voila! The perfect aughties lewk.

THE REVIEWS: I reviewed these nail stickers and they are honestly some of the cutest on the market right now. Not only did I get a million compliments, but they lasted for over a week!

4. Best zodiac nail stickers

For allllll those astro and horoscope lovers out there, your wishes have been granted with this cute lil’ bb zodiac sign nail sticker pack. Simply paint your nails, wait until they’re dry, and pop a few stickers on ’em! Easy, peasy. P.S. These would make for a great bday mani.

THE REVIEWS: I gifted these nail stickers to my friend for her birthday and they made the cutest birthday mani. The best part? According to her, they lasted a v long time!

5. Best customizable nail stickers

One of the more annoying aspects of nail stickers is filing them down to fit your exact nail shape. That’s where these customizable wraps from ManiMe come into play. After hitting “add to cart,” you’ll submit a couple of quick photos of your nails so the brand can size your stickers for the perfect fit. The best part? These nail wraps are part of ManiMe’s new Euphoria-inspired edit—ooh, did anyone catch that they’re replicas of Cassie’s nails in season two of Euphoria???

THE REVIEWS: “Loved this mani. It’s similar to the one Cassie [from Euphoria] wore on NYE. So pretty—especially with the 3D dots that look like crystals.

6. Best nail wraps

If you want a fuller design, but still have the option choose your nail polish color, these nail wraps are for you. Featuring a full-nail design on a transparent sheet, paint your nails any color you so please, and apply these nail wraps on top. They’ll look hand-painted, trust.

THE REVIEWS: “They were SUPER easy to put on…I didn’t expect them to last more than a day or two, but it’s been over a week, and they still look great!

7. Best simple nail stickers

These nail stickers are perfect for a minimalist mani. Paint on your fave color for the base (the lighter the color, the more the decals will stand out), then when your nails are totally dry and ready, soak these decals in water for 10-15 seconds to remove them from their backing, and just stick them to your nail. There’s really no better way to rep your sign than with these super-cute astro nail stickers, IMO.

THE REVIEWS: I gave these to my friend to test and review and she said, “these nail stickers are the cutest little designs. Yes, they’re on the more expensive end, but they really do last a longggg time.”

8. Best nail tattoos

If your vibe includes a little more ~whimsy~, try these nail tattoos from Inked By Dani. Apply them just like those temporary tattoos from when you were a kid: Remove the plastic cover, place one face down on your clean nail, and press a damp paper towel on the back for a few seconds. Peel back the sheet to reveal your nail tattoo, and seal it with a glossy topcoat.

THE REVIEWS: “These are so fun and easy to apply. I used a damp Q-tip to apply them which worked great, and I haven’t had any chipping or wear issues. I just used a single cheat top coat and was good to go.”

9. Best “designer” nail stickers

K, so these Louis Vuitton nail art stickers are truly the easiest way to add that “designer” vibe to your style (especially if, like me, you don’t actually want to spend the money on the real thing). There’s a ton of different sizes, too, so you’ll have a sticker for every nail. Remember to seal the sticker with a layer of clear top coat to prevent any lifting or peeling.

THE REVIEWS: I personally reviewed these nail stickers, because once I saw them, I fell in love! Not only do they last a super long time when sealed with a top coat, but you’ll also wanna take a million hand selfies.

10. Best full-nail decals

These full-coverage nail stickers could honestly replace your nail polish. There’s no drying time, just apply the decal (after prepping your nail by wiping it with nail polish remover), then trim and file to fit your nail.

THE REVIEWS: “The nail tech was too stunned to speak! No really he said, “oooh” at each color—[they’re] so vibrant!!”

11. Best gel nail stickers

The coolest thing about Dashing Diva’s nail stickers is that they’re made with actual gel nail polish (meaning, yup, they’re super glossy and shiny). Start by quickly cleaning your nails with the included prep pads, place and smooth the stickers right above your cuticle line, then gently file away any excess material until it fits your nail shape. Pro tip: Hold off on applying any creams, lotions, or oils until your stickers are set (usually an hour or so).

THE REVIEWS: This is the answer to my chipping nail polish! I am a hairdresser, and my hands are in water and chemicals constantly. It’s been one week, and they still look great! They are easy to apply, which for me is crucial. The most difficult thing is choosing which color you like!”

12. Best minimalist nail stickers

Looking for a couple of subtle nail stickers to finish off your manicure? IMO, Olive & June makes the prettiest, minimalist stickers for every occasion. I’m personally a fan of these Lucky Stars, which includes a cute lineup of gold and silver decals that look great against everything from red nail polish to French tips.

THE REVIEWS: “The Olive and June manicure stickers are such a fun, easy way to customize your home manicure. The designs are very detailed and easy to apply. Love them!! My three-year-old granddaughters love them too :)”

13. Best abstract nail stickers

If delicate, abstract nail art is more your vibe, you’ll love these gel nail wraps from Artips. The glossy stickers are made with gel polish for the ultimate shine, and they last for a full week—no chipping or peeling included.

THE REVIEWS: “These are a very pretty design and easy to use. This is my first time purchasing at-home gel nails from this line and I was pleasantly surprised.”

14. Best mix-and-match nail stickers

Perfect for mixing and matching on each nail, these stickers from Ciaté London include everything from cute florals and fruits to pink and black cow print. Just stick them on your bare or painted nails and lock them in with a thin layer of top coat. Easy, right?

THE REVIEWS: “These nail stickers are great! Stickers usually peel up on the edges and are nice and smooth with two top coats. They don’t feel like they will fall off/ peel off. They also weren’t impacted by putting a topcoat on them (i.e. fading, distorting). There are lots of them in the pack too—enough to do many, many manicures. Love these!”

15. Best nail stickers for easy removal

Unlike the majority of nail stickers that require you to gently (albeit, tediously) peel off your mani when you’re done with it, this option from Sally Hansen slides right off with a little nail polish remover. Just smooth them over your nails, enjoy them for up to 10 days, and grab a little remover when you’re ready for a clean slate.

THE REVIEWS: “I absolutely LOVE these. They’re a great deal – especially if you want beautifully polished nails without the cost of a salon manicure or the time-consuming process of multiple coats of nail polish!”

16. Best pedicure nail stickers

Yup, you can totally use nail stickers on your toes too. These pre-shaped nail wraps from Dashing Diva are perfect for quick and easy pedicures, and they leave you with shiny, fresh color that lasts for days. Now all you need is a pumice stone for the real spa-like experience.

THE REVIEWS: “I really like using these. It is much easier to apply than polish. There’s no smudging, irregular lines, and drying time. I used them during social distancing to avoid going to salons. They lasted more than two weeks!”

17. Best solid nail stickers

Nail stickers aren’t just about cute little decals and accents, BTW—they’re also great for creating quick, solid-color manicures. This kit comes with everything you need for a stick-on manicure, including prep pads, a nail file, a cuticle pusher, and teal nail strips.

THE REVIEWS: “I have tried other brands of nail polish stickers, but Tough Girls are my hands-down favorite by far! They are the longest-lasting, and easiest to apply [compared to] any other brand.”

How do nail stickers work?

“Nail stickers are great because they are an easy way to achieve nail art at home, allowing you to express yourself through design with a simple application,” says ” data-vars-ga-product-id=”095e572d-7ea3-4b0f-a9d6-be7ac40a4f34″ data-vars-ga-product-price=”0.00″ data-vars-ga-product-sem3-brand=”” data-vars-ga-product-sem3-category=”” data-vars-ga-product-sem3-id=”” data-affiliate-network=”” data-vars-ga-media-type=””>Jin Soon Choi, manicurist and the founder of Jinsoon Nails. The best part? Nail stickers can be used on all types of nail polish (i.e., gel nails, dip nails, and regular nail polish).

Choi breaks down the nail sticker application process in five easy steps:

How long do nail stickers last?

When done correctly, nail stickers can last as long as a polish manicure does, explains Choi. “This is typically between five to seven days for a regular mani, and 10 days to two weeks if it’s gel—and even longer if you’re careful,” she says.

How to find the best nail stickers

Know how to prolong nail stickers

“You should use a top coat after applying a nail sticker,” says Choi, adding that “a top coat acts as a seal for the sticker and provides an even layer to lock everything in.” Choi adds that you should ensure the top coat you use is the appropriate kind for the type of manicure that you have. If you properly apply and seal the nail stickers, you should get a long-lasting result.

Understand the difference between nail wraps and nail stickers

“Typically, a nail wrap covers the entire nail bed, while a nail sticker is a smaller design placed on a nail bed, usually on top of a polish,” says Choi. If you’re looking to forgo nail polish in general, choose a nail wrap. If you’re looking to play up your already painted (or even unpainted!) nails, opt for some nail stickers.

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