I Tried the New Selfless by Hyram Products Ahead of the Launch — and I'm Very Impressed

I Tried the New Selfless by Hyram Products Ahead of the Launch — and I’m Very Impressed

Last month, Hyram Yarbro — self-taught skin-care expert and influencer with 12 million followers on TikTok — announced the launch of his new skin-care brand, Selfless by Hyram. In partnership with The Inkey List, the aim of Selfless by Hyram is to positively impact challenges currently being faced by people and the planet — all while delivering incredible skin-care results. As of this week, the products have officially hit Sephora stores.

“Through Selfless by Hyram I want to connect the beauty industry with social change,” Yarbro said. “My goal is to help people by not only creating high quality skin care with incredible formulations, but to also give people an opportunity to empower others around the world who are impacted by some of the biggest global issues known to our generation. I want to help people change the world just by doing their skin-care routine.”

While watching the brand create a positive impact when it comes to social issues will take time, I can vouch for the skin-care results after just a few weeks of testing out the products. From ingredients to packaging, Yarbro has nailed it.

As for the packaging, the brand has been transparent in that no beauty product packaging is perfect when it comes to its environmental impact; however, they “consider many things in order to try and make the best choices possible.” The tubes are made from sugarcane farmed sustainably in Brazil, and the outer cartons are made from 100 percent recyclable FSC sources. Aside from the obvious effort taken from all involved to use packaging that’s as environmentally conscious as possible, I particularly liked how easy it was to dispense the correct amount of product with its nozzle applicators. On top of that, all of the five products currently available are vegan and cruelty- and palm oil-free. The price point is midrange and definitely more expensive when compared with The Inkey List.

I got my hands on all five of the Selfless by Hyram products ahead of the launch, so read on to see what I thought of each product in the lineup. Spoiler: they’re all pretty great.

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