How to Convince your Partner to Her King and His Queen Couple Love Bracelets?

Whether if it is Valentine’s Day or not, gifting jewelry is always a special occasion. There are different stages in a relationship, and each one require a very specific modus operando. It may be true that relationships don’t define us, but also bear in mind, that overstepping boundaries can be quite fetal when building a strong one. So, if you feel in the mood to buy matching love bracelets with your boyfriend/girlfriend, take into account that each stage requires a specific piece of jewelry.
When you are just starting something and you are not sure yet if you can call it a relationship, or a “thing”, it is very important to know how to buy gifts (if any), especially if you don’t want to over-complicate thing way too quickly. Buying expensive jewelry is definitely too much at this stage, so it is recommendable to buy matching necklaces or matching bracelets. This not only shows that you are committed, but that you want to keep going.
However, when you are already in that phase when you are “official”, things are a bit trickier. If you are all-the-way in a relationship, then it is easier to have romantic gestures on a daily basis. At this point, you know your partner better, that awkward newness has already worn off but the honeymoon stage isn’t finished yet. So, any jewelry you get is likely to become a sentimental token of the relationship. That is why it is recommendable to buy “her king his queen bracelets” or matching gold necklaces. It is advisable to buy something that can be worn regularly.
When you are already looking for apartments to start living together, then things are getting pretty serious. You know each other very well, and you have shared very interesting experiences. So, it is the perfect occasion to show your partner how much you love him/her by getting matching Pandora love bracelets, cuff bracelets or “Her King and His Queen” love bracelets (if you haven’t).
Second-to-last stage is when you are about to make the relationship legal. A wedding is always the perfect occasion to go big or go home with jewelry. Marriage is something worth celebrating, so if you get a chance, get your partner something he/she have always wanted. It is recommendable buying matching Pandora love bracelets (if you haven’t so far) and a couple of matching rings too. Always remember that marriage is “the” occasion to have a personal touch which has to make him/her feel very special.
The last stage is very far into your marriage when you are about to celebrate (for example) 50 years together. At this point, you know each other better than anyone, so the perfect gift would be something unexpected and expensive. Therefore, a perfect token of your love can be a Cartier 18k gold love bracelet. This is one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry ever created. It is a symbol of history, sacrifices and sentimentality.
Love bracelets are always an excellent way to display your love in public and in private. See at which stage of the relationship you currently are, and proceed from there!