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Prepare to be shooketh, y’all! Feet nails have arrived and they’re exactly as disturbing as they sound.

That’s right, fam! The Instagram account behind some of the most insane manicures, like “teeth nails” and “okurrr nails,” is back at it again, but this time they’re making your nails look like — you guessed it — feet.

Yup! They’re pretty much the most terrifying things we’ve ever seen, but they’re nothing out of the ordinary for Instagram account @nail_sunny, who’s always filling our feeds with the most bizarre nail trends.

Now, we’re just going to assume you’re NOT going to be trying this manicure out for yourself, but that doesn’t mean you’re not curious about how the look was created. From the video the technician posted on Instagram, it seems like the feet were shaped with acrylic, and to make them look even more realistic, they painted over them with neutral nail polish! Then, they used red to give the feet a manicured look. Weird… we know.

Normally, we’d say you definitely shouldn’t try to rock this mani, but LBR, Halloween is coming up, so it might just be the perfect opportunity! If you’re not interested in rocking the feet nails trend yourself, though, just do what we’re doing and continue to watch the Insta-video instead! It’s set to Ariana Grande‘s “God is a Woman,” and TBH, it’s absolutely hilarious!

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