Boyfriend makes cute overnight bag for girlfriend without even being asked

Guys, sadly, don’t always know a lot about women’s toiletries, beyond nicking whatever moisturiser is in their girlfriend’s bathroom and applying it to their face.

But one boyfriend has shown that he knows more than he lets on.

Aaron surprised his girlfriend Teigan with an overnight care package that’s every self-care lover’s dream.

Teigan, from Reading, showed that her beau certainly knows his exfoliators from his cleansers, different types of sanitary products, and all the toiletries a girl could ever need.

Sharing an image of the basket on Twitter, she wrote: ‘Can’t believe Aaron’s made a wee overnight essentials box up for me to keep at his for when I stay. So cute!’

The bag included shampoo, conditioner, pads, face wipes, a dry shampoo, a hairbrush, loofah, toothbrush, mouth wash, and in case Teigan’s breath wasn’t fresh enough, a pack of chewing gum.

Of course, the tweet went viral with women in their masses tagging their boyfriends and saying they longed for this kind of thoughtfulness.

And, honestly, same.

Teigan spoke to about Aaron’s surprising gesture – she hadn’t even trained him to come up with all the stuff nor expected him to remember any of the things she uses.

She said: ‘He basically surprised me with all the things I might need and what I usually forget to bring to his house whenever I stay over.

‘He actually just tried to remember anything I happened to mention in passing, especially as I was complaining about dragging all my stuff to his every weekend!

‘I was really surprised because you don’t really expect someone to think of something so personal and nice.

‘I posted it on Twitter so people could see what a nice gesture it was and how it’s the little things that matter to girls most!’

Users online called Aaron a legend and urged Teigan to move in with him and marry him.

Other said it was the cutest thing they’d ever seen.

Teigan replied: ‘I know. He actually melts my heart.’

How sweet. Can other boyfriends take note?

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