Animal-Lovers and Harry Potter Fans Alike Will Love These Owl Tattoo Ideas

Though your fondness for owls might be rooted in your love of all things Harry Potter (and we can’t blame you!), this bird has been idolized for centuries around the world. In ancient Egypt, the owl was not just a hieroglyph (its figure symbolizes the letter “m”), but was thought to protect spirits as they traveled from life to the afterworld. It was frequently depicted alongside the Greek goddess Athena, representing knowledge. And in medieval times, owls were believed to be witches and wizards in disguise.

Whether you’re paying tribute to Hedwig, your culture, or simply your adoration for this incredible nocturnal bird, it’s absolutely worth considering adding an owl tattoo to your body art collection. Ahead, we’ve found some cool ink inspiration from Instagram starring the noble creature, including watercolor designs, tiny tats, and more.

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