All The Fashion Worth Seeing This Week, Beyond The Golden Globes

While we were all busy unwrapping Jennifer Lopez’s Golden Globes look and trying to wrap our heads around Gwyneth Paltrow’s, a lot of other events were going on in Southern California and elsewhere and thus ― there were a lot more celebrity outfits to be seen.

Not only were there the pre- and post-Globes celebrations to consider, there were movie premieres, royal moments (not the royal moment of the week, but still) and even an Oprah Winfrey sighting. Bless.

“Fleabag” star Sian Clifford looked like anything but a pencil in a beautifully tailored, all-white look, Paris Hilton looked, well, very Paris Hilton in a nude, bedazzled gown, and the Duchess of Cambridge wore a feathered fedora.

It was all very exciting.

Check out our must-see celebrity looks of the week below.

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