10 Rules Reese Witherspoon Follows To Achieve Success

Reese Witherspoon is a household name. We have watched her grow on screen and develop into an incredible woman. Not only is Reese a great actress, but she has also branched out into many other fields. She is a strong, positive role model for women of all ages. She is unafraid to step into unknown territory and take on risky roles. On top of being a hugely successful movie star, Reese also shines at home. She is a loving mother and wife and has never forgotten her Southern roots. She has set herself apart from the Hollywood crowd and is here to stay. Let’s learn a lesson from ten rules Reese Witherspoon follows to achieve success…

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10 Doesn’t listen to gossip

9 Multi-tasker

8 Healthy lifestyle

7 Loving family

Having a strong family dynamic can really strengthen someone in many ways. It is not vital in becoming or remaining successful but it sure helps. Reese has been lucky to have been raised in the South with strong morals and a great family. Both her parents were successful doctors and instilled the importance of education early on in her life. Reese believes that her family and upbringing gave her a good sense of tradition. Her parents always believed that she had a Type A personality and we couldn’t agree more. Reese’s parents supported her in every endeavour she has taken on since day one.

6 Well-spoken (Oscar speech)

In every actor’s career, there is always a defining moment for them. One of Reese’s many defining moments was her acceptance speech for winning an Oscar. Winning this iconic award is one of the biggest achievements for actors. Reese’s acceptance speech resonated with the audience and is quite memorable. Reese said: “I’m just trying to matter and live a good life and make work that means something to somebody. And you have all made me feel that I might have accomplished that tonight.” She is able to speak very well and this allows her to captivate her audiences whether it be on-screen or accepting an award.

5 Stylish

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Whether Reese is running errands, working out or at an event, she always looks amazing. It is refreshing to see a Hollywood face who has stayed true to her Southern roots in every way, including style.

4 Good Role Model

Being a good role model seems like a rarity these days when it comes to Hollywood women. Thankfully Reese is one of the rare gems that have managed to portray a good image. She radiates class, confidence, kindness and success. A great thing about Reese is that she does not take herself too seriously. Maintaining a sense of humor in a somewhat serious world can be difficult to do. She is able to laugh at herself but always crush goals like no other. She is unafraid to involve herself in projects that may be out of her comfort zone yet she always succeeds.

3 Brave and courageous

2 Empowers women

Reese is bold and unafraid to speak her mind, especially when it comes to empowering women. She believes that an ambitious woman works hard for their family and their community not only for themselves. She believes that women should have an attitude of enthusiasm and assertiveness. She knows the power women have and believes that actions speak the loudest. She advocates for women to empower each other and not tear each other down.

One of her most powerful quotes reads: “We are our mother’s children and our grandmother’s children, but it’s our world now, to give to our daughters and our sons. We get to define what that looks like—what is a woman now.”

1 Ambitious

To obtain the level of success that Witherspoon has, it takes an ambitious woman. It takes a woman who is able to look at the world in the eye and not be afraid. It takes a woman who is able to put one foot in front of the other despite that challenges that can be in her way. Reese has the ability to maintain a vibrant and fulfilling life surrounded by wonderful people. She strives to empower other women and continues to embark on new projects. She is a jack of all trades and she continues to make us proud.

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