10 Most Expensive Outfits Zendaya Has Worn

Zendaya Coleman was one of those rare human beings who managed to escape the Disney Star Curse. Instead of completely disappearing into oblivion after she made a name for herself on the children’s network, she worked extremely hard to build a successful career, one that includes an on-going role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Aside from being a rising star in the Hollywood world, Zendaya is also a style icon for many young people out there. Her street style is known for being irreverent and fun, and she even famously wore a $38 dress to the red carpet once. But even though she likes to keep things casual, when it’s time to bring the riches to the fashion department, she isn’t shy in the slightest. Let’s take a look at the 10 most expensive outfits Zendaya has worn!

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10 Premiere Of Smallfoot In California ($4,340)

In September of 2018, the beautiful actress attended the premiere of her movie Smallfoot, in California. And while the outfit might seem simple enough, don’t let yourself be fooled! The gorgeous ensemble was practical and elegant, but it set Zendaya’s clothing budget for the day at $4,340.

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She wore a Michael Kors V-neck puff-sleeve cotton dress, that costs $1,875, an Anabela Chan Orion canary ring at a whopping $1,690, and she topped off the look with a pair of elegant Christian Louboutin So Kate pumps that come out at $775. The price of the earrings and the topaz ring are unknown, but they probably make the outfit even more expensive than it already is.

9 2018 Beautycon Festival In New York ($5,248)

For the 2018 Beautycon Festival, Zendaya gave everyone a taste of who she is when it comes to fashion. Her style was irreverent and fun from head to toe, but this time around, it was a little over $38. Or a lot, actually! The whole ensemble cost the Hollywood star an estimated $5248.

The full outfit consisted of a stunning Akris Wooden doll gown, which currently retails at $3,990. And while it was both the star of the outfit and the budget, other items were also somewhat pricey. These included a pair of Jennifer Fisher Erin hoops for $495.00 and Christian Louboutin So Kate pumps for $725 (the same pair as above, but this time on a much flashier color).

8 2019 Paris Fashion Week ($5,265)

Not a lot of people can brag about the fact that they can leave the house dressed in a single color from head to toe and look absolutely flawless in it. If we didn’t know better, we’d actually think Zendaya was prepared to walk the runaway herself for this year’s Paris Fashion Week.

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Sporting a casual, chic, and elegant ensemble that was mint-green from her head to the tip of her toes, this iconic outfit is worth around $5265. The most expensive item consisted of a textured wool alpaca coat, at $3,500. The cashmere turtleneck is an estimated $990, while the signature Zendaya Christian Louboutin So Kate pumps are $775 a pair.

7 Bloomingdale’s Holiday Windows Outfit ($6,500)

Back in 2017, Zendaya was invited to participate in the revelation of Bloomingdale’s Holiday Windows in New York, and she was a vision in purple and pink while doing it. Once again, not many people could get away with this outfit. Many people couldn’t afford it, considering it costs approximately $6500.

The stunning Miu Miu peacock printed dress retails online for $2,890, and the signature mohair-blend coat, also from Miu Miu, will set you back exactly the same amount. The high-knee LeSilla Eva suede boots complete the look, and they’re available for $669.60. You can look like a gorgeous butterfly too, but it will cost you!

6 Warner Bros ‘The Big Picture’ ($7,350)

In 2018, Zendaya turned heads in the red carpet. And we don’t mean this because she was too paying some sort of an ode to the carpet, choosing to go fully rouge, but because she looked absolutely gorgeous. This took place during an event hosted by Warner Bros, a presentation of their Upcoming Slate at Cinemacon.

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As crazy as it may sound, the most expensive part of this outfit was a Cartier Phantére De Cartier small watch, which costa a whopping $7,350. The rest of the outfit consisted of Jennifer Fisher Erin hoops, for $495, and her signature Christian Louboutin So Kate pumps, for $725. Overall, this look can be evaluated at around $9190,94. Probably even more, but unfortunately, the Boss clothes are not available online.

5 International Day Of The Girl Celebration ($11,450)

In October 2018, the actress was a part of the International Day of The Girl celebration, appearing on NBC’s show, Today. It comes as absolutely no surprise that once again, she looked elegant, youthful, and effortless. But apparently, looking this good does not come cheap, and the look reached $11,450.

Consisting of a Sally LaPoint airy crewneck silk and cashmere t-shirt, which retails at $750, and a Sally LaPoint pleat-front matte crepe shorts, available for $550, the outfit was adorned by Jennifer Fisher. With a mini-chain link ID ring for $1,200, a globe ring, at $325, and Baby Jamma hoops for $550. Additionally, she sported her Panthère de Cartier small watch, worth $7,350.00, and her favorite Christian Louboutin So Kate pumps, for $725.

4 The Late Show With Stephen Colbert ($11,555)

It’s nearly impossible not to fall head over heels for Zendaya in general. She’s a wonderful person and an incredibly kind and funny human being. But this outfit made it even easier to grow a pair of hearts while staring at her. Orange is definitely Zendaya’s color, and the outfit was worth the $11,555!

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Both courtesy of Carolina Herrera, the strapless bow-embellished silk mini dress set the starlet back $2,990, while the pearl drop earrings cost around $490. Additionally, Zendaya accessorized with her $7,350 Panthère de Cartier small watch, and the Christian Louboutin So Kate pumps at $725.00. Thank you, Stephen, for helping to bless us with this iconic look!

3 Tiffany & Co. Paper Flowers Event ($14,945)

We’re all for an over the top silhouette, and Zendaya sure knew how to deliver when she appeared at the Tiffany & Co. Paper Flowers Event. Her beautiful long legs paired with a puffy Dice Kayek dress made for one of the most beautiful and elegant looks Zendaya has ever sported, reminiscent of old Hollywood Glamour.

While the dress isn’t available for purchase, and its worth is undisclosed, this look still comes out at an incredible $14,945. All due to the gorgeous diamond and tanzanite open drop earrings, which go for $14,000 a pair! Plus, let’s not forget the Christian Louboutin So Kate bubble pumps, which retail for $945. Hollywood looks, Hollywood prices!

2 Glamour WOTY Awards ($43,628)

Just because we’re used to seeing Zendaya look like a princess in her gorgeous gowns, it doesn’t mean she can’t rock a good old pantsuit. And the proof is in the pink outfit she served on the Glamour WOTY Awards red carpet, which is worth about $43,628.

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While the Viktor & Rolf bonbon bow pantsuit isn’t the most expensive item, it will still set you back $3,250.00, while the Le Silla lace pointed pumps will cost you $778. The star of this show is the Messika Move Ron necklace. If you’re considering investing in this piece, just remember that it retails for a whopping €39,600!

1 The 2017 Fashion Awards ($90,760)

Back in 2017, Zendaya graced the carpet of the Fashion Awards, and boy did she school every single person attending on how to actually do fashion! She was wearing a gorgeous Vivetta Fall 2017 dress, but the value is undisclosed. Still, this entire look is worth an estimated $90,760!

Why is that, you might ask? Well, once again, Zendaya let the jewelry do the talking, and she accessorized the mesmerizing gown with Harry Kotlar white diamond stud earrings that cost exactly $90,295.00. Marilyn wasn’t lying when she said diamonds are a girl’s best friend. For that price, they better be! To complete the look, Zendaya went for a pair of Loriblu black velvet sandals, that retail for €465 a pair.


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