10 Easy Makeup Tutorials For Beginners To Try At Home When You’re Stuck Inside

Right now, as we’re all trapped at home partaking in necessary social distancing, odds are you’re at least a little bored. If you’ve already learned all the TikTok dances and are tired of aimlessly pacing around, now is the perfect time to hone your makeup skills. Whether you never leave the house without a full contour, love watching Beautubers but think you could never match their abilities, or just want something to do with your hands, there are so many easy makeup tutorials to try at home to pass the time.

As many beauty retailers are closed — and you should stay in quarantine — these videos don’t all require tons of fancy products, luckily. Each of these looks is attainable no matter your skill level; all you need is a little practice and patience. With so much time on your hands, it’s about time you perfect your winged eyeliner and more anyway. I’ve collected videos from the likes of James Charles, egirls, and costume makeup artists to bring you a wide selection of easy looks to try your hand at. If you’re looking to challenge yourself with colors and styles, or you’re hoping to have a new morning beauty routine down pat by the end of quarantine, there’s a tutorial for that. Check out some easy makeup guides below.

If you feel like you struggle with the eye portion of your makeup, Charles has an in-depth video teaching viewers all the secrets to perfect brow and eyeshadow application. The look is intense, so you can learn every step, from easy to most complicated. No matter your beauty skill level, Charles has an amazingly helpful tip or trick for you.

For a full-glam look, KathleenLights takes you through a halo eye and a full face of makeup. While a halo eye, a shadow look with a lighter center of the eyelid, sounds intimidating, the makeup guru makes the look seem simple. Whether you own ColourPops’s So Jaded Palette ($39, ColourPop) or not, you can recreate this look with the use of a few makeup products you probably already own. Though she mixes a lot of different brands together to create her perfect combo of matte and dewy, it’s easy to simplify her face routine as you need.

If you’re like me and have no idea how to contour or where to even begin, Tina Yong uses drugstore products to showcase an affordable, straightforward contour how-to. While contouring is based on what your specific face shape is, Yong explains every step in-depth, with options for multiple kinds of looks. No matter what you look like or just how contoured you want your face, Yong’s video has plenty of advice for you. Practice your contouring a few times with her, and you’ll be a pro in no time.

Once you have contouring somewhat down, you’re ready for Rihanna’s 10-minute going out makeup routine. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want to look like Rihanna, and this tutorial is a quick way to learn one of the star’s go-to looks. Beyond the ASMR that is the beauty mogul talking directly to you, she gives you a Rihanna-approved makeup vibe that you can complete quickly to go out on the town (i.e. a FaceTime sesh your friends).

Amanda Diaz will win you over with this natural, soft, everyday look. If you want to have your morning routine on lock by the time you can leave the house again, this tutorial is great to follow along with. The look doesn’t take long, so you’ll have plenty of chances to rewatch until you get it just right.

If you are new to the makeup game and don’t have very many tools, or you’re a pro and looking for a new challenge, TheMakeupChair shows you how to apply a full face look with just one brush. Although it sounds almost impossible, this video makes this challenge seem easy. It’s also a great way to play with your makeup without making a financial commitment to your new hobby.

For those who are more into the makeup looks of the egirl variety, Kidjess’ makeup routine is blush-filled, dreamy egirl perfection. She doesn’t speak during the video, so it’s hard to get advice from it, but the process is very easy to follow. If you have any old paintbrushes lying around your house, Kidjess also makes a good argument for repurposing them into makeup brushes. With this look in your repertoire, you’ll be a peachy-pink egirl in no time — just make sure you have plenty of blush.

Summer 2019 was the era of Euphoria, and even if you only saw one episode, you’ll remember how iconic the makeup is. Although it’s hard to pick a favorite look from the show, Daisy Marquez makes it so you don’t have to. In this video, Marquez guides viewers through recreating three of Maddy Perez’s iconic looks from the show. While Maddy’s looks definitely require a few more products and palettes, you can still practice with what you have. Although Euphoria Season 2 is currently postponed due to the coronavirus, you can still get your fill by perfecting these beats.

Valentine’s Day is over, but NikkieTutorials’ “Full Face using only Affordable Makeup – Valentine’s Day Tutorial” is a fun look to play around with. Using products you can find at your local drugstore (if you absolutely have to leave your house anyway), NikkieTutorials creates a glam, involved look. But with her guidance, you can make illusion eyeshadow wings with almost the same ease as she does. You have the time anyway, right?

With all this free time on your hands, you might as well learn an out-of-the-box look for your next costume party. Jennifer Chang’s “Easy Galaxy Makeup Tutorial” is a straightforward guide through what seems like a very difficult look. Though there are parts where the makeup looks a little questionable, if you commit to the tutorial, you’ll have a galaxy face in no time.

With so much time and so many makeup tutorials out there, trying some beginner tutorials is a great way to pass the time and still update your social media. Grab a palette and get started.

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