Tearful primary school pupil begs for ‘things to go back to normal’ after mum loses job due to coronavirus – The Sun

A TEARFUL schoolgirl has begged for “things to go back to normal” in an emotional video after her mum lost her job because of the coronavirus crisis.

Madison Williams, 10, from Derbyshire, broke down in tears as she admitted her mum Alexandra, 37, wasn’t “earning any money”.

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The youngster recorded her plea for support on her mum’s phone after both her parents lost their jobs.

In the clip, later shared on Twitter, she says: “I am really scared and worried because at the minute loads of people in my country and other countries have coronavirus, more than 1,000, and it's just really scary.

“My mum doesn't have a job at the minute and she's not earning any money, and my dad's work's shut down so he's not earning any money”.

Madison adds: "If anyone's seen this that has kids or is a parent to a young child, I really need your help by saying that we'll get through together because I don't think it's fair on any parent that can't go to work or is losing their job because of this.

I really just hope everything goes back to normal soon.

“They've worked so hard for their career and stuff. And they're not going to be getting any money so they really won't be able to pay like, the water, the bills, the gas, the electric, and that's quite a bit of money.

“So please, if anyone sees this, help us out and do us a favour. I really just hope everything goes back to normal soon.”

Madison also said she can’t wait to get back to school because she misses her friends.

The school girl tells the camera: “It's my last year at primary school and this is not how I want to end it.

“So please, make everything go back to normal, Boris. We believe in you.”


Madison’s mum Alexandra works in telesales but was left in dire straits after being told by her boss she did not qualify for furlough pay.

She broke down when she found the clip on her phone and shared it on Twitter to support the #newstarterfurlough campaign.

The movement wants Chancellor Rishi Sunak to allow those who started jobs after February 28 to qualify for furlough pay.

She tweeted: “I can't speak at the minute. I have just found this on her phone after having to comfort her, to get to sleep. I feel sick to my stomach. I am now on my knees begging. She is petrified.”

I don't want benefits. I have never claimed in my life. I don't want to start now. I just want my job back.

The mum later told MailOnline: “I thought she was coping so much better. [She was] bottling everything up. When I found this I don't think I have ever cried so much.”

Alexandra said she is now so hard-up that she can’t even afford to buy her kids easter eggs.

She said: “'I went back to my old employer who said he wished he could help me – I truly believe that too – but he told me he could only take me back on if I had been made redundant due to Covid-19, which I wasn't. I will never forget that moment.

“In all honesty, I don't want benefits. I have never claimed in my life. I don't want to start now. I just want my job back”.

A government spokesperson said it is up to individual firms if they want to pay an employee furlough pay.

They explained: “The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is aimed at those who would otherwise be unemployed as a result of coronavirus.

“It allows for those who were on the payroll of a company on 28 February but subsequently left to be put back on payroll and furloughed.

“Decisions around whether to offer to furlough someone are down to the individual company.”

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