Donald Trump set to enter the White House as the least popular US president in over four decades

DONALD Trump is set to enter the White House as the least popular US president in over 40 years.

The billionaire, who will have his inauguration ceremony on Friday, has only a 40 percent approval rating – in comparison to Barack Obama who was at 80percent when he took office for the first time.

According to the poll, which was run by ABC News/ Washington Post, his ratings are significantly below his predecessors.

Trump also trails far behind George W. Bush, who was given 72 percent transition approval, Bill Clinton who had 81 percent and George H.W. Bush, who came in with 82 percent.

The billionaire's cabinet choices were also not popular – they also trailed by 19 – 26 percent.

Trump's overall approval rating is the lowest of any President since 1977 coming in at 40 percent.

It means over half of those polled in the US don't rate him as the next president.

However despite the numbers, six in 10 Americans expect him to do an excellent or good job on the economy and on jobs.

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Americans also don't hold out much hope for his ability to handle health care, race relations and international crisesCredit: PA:Press Association

And 56 percent expect him to do well in handling terrorism.

But only half of those spoken to think he will do a good job when it comes to helping the middle class, handling the deficit and making Supreme Court appointments.

A not much hope is held out for his handling of health care, race relations and issues and international crises.

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