This Morning’s Sharon Marshall leaves viewers heartbroken with fertility struggle story

This Morning: Sharon Marshall emotionally discusses IVF struggles

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The 50-year-old entertainment journalist told This Morning presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield about her devastating pregnancy journey, which she admitted she had been ashamed to talk about in the past. Viewers watching ITV were grateful for Sharon’s honesty and praised her for being “brave”.

Explaining her situation during National Fertility Week, Sharon elaborated: “It’s fertility, it’s supposed to be something that happens naturally.

“And I think you’ve got happy, smiling images of babies everywhere, and you feel almost like you’re failing.

“That’s what I wanted to say – looking back, and anyone who’s going through this, you should be so proud of yourself.”

Becoming visibly emotional, she continued: “Because you are working so hard, you’re doing all this stuff.

“You are working and fighting you’re a warrior.

“And I say that when people come to me and they talk about it, and I see this sort of – just pain, in their eyes.

“And I say, ‘Please be proud of yourself, please realise what you’re doing is amazing. You are amazing.’

“And you know it’s – a lot of the process around it, I think there’s a lot of marketing.

“There’s a lot of publicity that makes you think something’s going to happen straight away, and it doesn’t, and that’s normal.”

Viewers were quick to support Sharon after what she had shared.

Taking to Twitter, Claire Nellen wrote: “#ThisMorning Sharon Marshall thank you for highlighting IVF and fertility difficulties.

“The emotional struggles, the loss and grief. Brave, honest and needed.”

Stephanie D penned: “You can see this is extremely hard for Sharon to talk about. Well done her bringing awareness to the struggles/taboo of fertility. #ThisMorning.”

“#ThisMorning heartbreaking listening to your story Sharon, Betsey is very lucky to have you as Mummy,” Heather H commented.

Queen_Sarah2210 shared: “#ThisMorning feel for you Sharon.

“I had my daughter 19 years ago with my ex. Me and my partner have been trying for 12 years.

“I have PCOS had one miscarriage in 2006 nothing since. Can’t afford ivf, its hurt for years I’m now 41 and come to terms with its not going to happen now.”

Colleen echoed the others, writing: “Sharon Marshall, you are inspiring & courageous, how on earth are you keeping it together on live tv!!! Love to you… #ThisMorning.”

Faye Elizabeth added: “@thismorning Our IVF miracle Phoenix is now 3months.

“Watching Sharon brought every feeling back. She’s right, talk to anyone you can about it. It helps! Don’t do it in silence. #ThisMorning.”

Sharon herself shared a post with her 102,000 Twitter followers ahead of her appearance.

She said on Thursday morning: “It’s National Fertility Week, so I’m on @thismorning today to say what it was like to spend years going through IVF & the toll it took on my mental health.

“We’ve got Dr Larisa for a phone in, we’re giving advice & if yr going through this we’re going to try & help.”

This Morning airs weekdays at 10,30am on ITV.

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