Jean and Shirley face their fears as cancer battle begins in EastEnders

Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) is afraid of her battle with cancer as her first chemo session looms, but she has an idea how both she and Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) can face their fears together.

After returning home to finally face the music, Jean went with Stacey (Lacey Turner) to her doctor’s appointment where they learned she has stage three ovarian cancer.

Jean had been overwhelmed both by the news, and the fact that Stacey tried to take over the appointment.

So as her next appointment arrives, Jean decides to go alone, and lies to Shirley and Linda so she can sneak off to her hospital appointment by herself.

But she later confesses to them that being alone made her panic as she realises she does need support from her friends and family.

Shirley can see how afraid she is and tries to support her as best she can as she admits she’s terrified of chemo. Linda teases Shirley about her fear of heights to try and reassure Jean that her fear is normal, but it gives Jean an idea of how they can face their fears. What has she got in mind?

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