David Eason could face legal action over business name from Texas business

David Eason recently revealed that he’s building a new business. He wants to create custom knives that he’s planning on selling on Etsy. The news was revealed by Jenelle last week, as she shared that she was proud of him for moving ahead with a new business now that she was fired from Teen Mom 2.

Jenelle herself is also working adding income streams after her MTV firing, as she’s relaunching her makeup line at the upcoming New York Fashion Week.

But there seems to be a misunderstanding in regards to David’s business name. Some people seem to believe that he has named his business Black River, which is – according to Jenelle – the place where David grew up in North Caroline. Jenelle slammed her followers for jumping to conclusions, but an actual business called Black River Forge decided to act.

On Facebook, the company announced that they had never heard of David Eason or his desire to use Black River as a business name.

“Thank you for bringing to our attention that someone is using the same business name. We are not familiar with David & will look into this matter,” the business wrote on Facebook after they learned of the many comments from Teen Mom 2 viewers, who felt that David was trying to rip off the company’s name.

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