Passenger shares picture of person's FEET sticking out under her plane seat – but people are divided | The Sun

A PASSENGER has split opinion after the person behind them stretched their feet out so far, they poked out under their own seat.

Everyone knows planes are cramped and it can be easy to encroach on other people's space.

However, the woman wasn't sure how to deal with the situation, with the passenger behind her stretching their legs so far under her seat, their feet were poking out the other side.

She shared the picture on Reddit saying it was irritating as the person kept doing it repeatedly, even after she hinted that they were in her personal space.

She wrote: "Mildly frustrating that this kept happening like every 15 minutes throughout the flight.

"I actually started very lightly knocking the person's feet with mine.

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"Like in a very gentle 'oops, I'm not sure what's below my feet' kind of way.

"I did this a few times. Didn't seem to work."

Other people suggested she should have been more forceful with the person for their behaviour.

One said: "I’d have found an excuse to stand up and look around occasionally/repeatedly and making sure I’d stamp on their feet and make eye contact."

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Another said: "Kick/stomp on them until they move? Don’t be a doormat and stand up for yourself every once in a while."

However, others were more understanding of the person behind her, particularly taller people.

One said: " I'm almost 6' and it takes effort to not encroach into other economy passengers' spaces, thanks to airlines' cramped seating arrangements."

Someone else agreed: "They probably just don’t know their feet are going that far.

"Some people have to stretch them. Those planes are cramped and a lot of people get pretty bad swelling in their legs if they don’t move around a lot."

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