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What follows is a comprehensive list of the latest product reviews written by the tech team. We’re always bashing on new rugged gadgets, barking orders at smart speakers, replacing perfectly good lightbulbs with Wi-Fi enabled equivalents, re-wiring our routers with the latest from Google and Eero, and plugging and unplugging HDMI dongles to check which are best suited to weekend-long binges of The Haunting Of Hill House – all so you don’t have to! 

Here at, we test everything from smart home gadgetry, TVs, smartphones, headphones, fitness trackers, laptops, and much, much more. As we rattle towards the Black Friday sales, there are more products than ever before to assess and rate.

Here is a comprehensive list of some of the toys that arrived in towers and left with a shiny new star rating. We test everything we review thoroughly, usually living with the device in our own homes for a few weeks before putting pen to paper.

First up, we’ve taken the GoPro Max – a 360-degree action camera from the Californian company – out for a spin. The gadget is different from your usual GoPro flavours because you don’t actually have to point the camera at the action to capture it… you’re capturing everything around you at the same time, thanks to the two bulbous cameras protruding from either side of the plastic body. 

Capturing all that data in pixel-packed detail is one thing, but being able to edit it all on-the-move is something else entirely. Thankfully, GoPro has updated its smartphone app to let you pan around the scene, crop-in, and zoom-out with a few swipes. It’s devilishly easy to do and the resulting videos look like you had a crew of camera operators moving around you as you skied, surfed, mountain biked, swam – or whatever adrenaline-filled activity you got up to with the GoPro Max.

And when we weren’t meticulously panning around GoPro footage, we were road-testing the Huawei Mate 30 Pro. This long-awaited smartphone was unveiled late last year, but has taken its time to come to UK shores because of the ongoing uncertainty around the US trade ban on Huawei, which prevents American companies – like Google, the company behind the version of Android you’re familiar with – doing business with Huawei. That means the flagship phone, which still has the same impressive hardware and camera tech that we saw during the launch event, doesn’t come with Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, or even access to the Play Store, with the likes of Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp and more also out of bounds.

Finally, we have also been hammering out articles on the stylish new Chromebook from Microsoft arch-rival, Google. Dubbed the Pixelbook Go, this lightweight laptop has a stunning all-day battery life, automatic updates and anti-virus protection, as well as access to the raft of Android apps available in the Google Play Store. But most impressive of all is the new ‘Hush’ keyboard design, which puts Apple, Microsoft and others to shame.

You can read the full review below to find out whether these shiny new gadgets impressed.

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