Artificial intelligence arrives in London as futuristic exhibition kicks off

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a big topic in the world these days, just take a look at our current Future of Everything series to see how much impact it’s making.

But Londoners were brought, literally, face-to-face with AI this week as the Barbican Centre is took a high-brow approach to the subject with a new exhibition.

The world-class art and learning centre is exploring AI for a few days through a series of art installations and historical exhibits. It’s called More Than Human and it explores the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence.

Among the exhibits is a visiting robot puppy that can develop its own personality. Another project includes a sound installation that draws parallels between AI and the golems of Jewish folklore.

Music fans can also see a special work from Massive Attack, marking the 20th anniversary of their album Mezzanine.

Finally, there’s ‘Alter’, a machine body with a human-like face and hands who learns through interplaying with the surrounding world. Alter was created by roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro and is on display at the event.

The event is running for ten days from May 16 to May 26, standard Monday to Friday tickets are £15 each.

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