Inside WWE superstar Chris Jericho's £2.45m mansion with five bedrooms, six acres of land and its own DOCK onto lake

The WWE legend and his wife Jessica Irvine completed the purchase earlier this month, according to Hillsborough County property records.

Sitting on almost six acres of land, the picturesque property is surrounded by greenery.

It even includes a dock which leads out onto a lake in Tampa Bay.

Jericho, his wife and three children will have plenty of space to enjoy in their new home.

The luxury house has five bedrooms, six full and three half bathrooms.

It also has an incredible open-floor plan with a gorgeous cream colour scheme running throughout.

And there are plenty of studies and lounges to relax in, with massive TVs hanging off the walls of the mansion.

Though if all that room was not enough, the Jerichos have another home just down the road in Odessa.

Jericho, 48, met Jessica in Tampa, Florida, while he was performing with WCW.

The couple married in 2000 and are parents to Ash and twin daughters SiSi and Chey.

Former WWE world champion Jericho recently revealed his contract with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is his most lucrative to date.

Y2J claimed he spoke to WWE chief Vince McMahon about a new deal but was blown away by AEW's offer.

He told Wrestling Observer Radio: "In my mind, from a pure business standpoint, I’m worth as much as Brock Lesnar at this point in time to WWE as far as what I bring to the table.

"That was just the watermark I had. So, for me to go back to Vince, I was like, ‘I want that type of deal.’ Because that’s the way it should be in my mind.

"When I was starting to talk to Tony [Khan], and I was negotiating with New Japan Pro Wrestling, and even with Impact as well and Impact offered me a hell of a deal for a four-match series.

"It was a really good amount of money – we’re talking mid-seven-figures. They have some cash as well.

"I think people kind of gloss over Impact at this time but when there’s something they believe in, they have the money for it. I always thought, in this day and age with the amount of money that WWE has, Vince will come through at the end and match this offer.

"And then I’m going to have to make a decision, because like I said, it wasn’t just about the money – it’s, well, now I go into Vince’s world and we know how Vince works, and that’s fine.

"If you sign a contract with WWE, you cannot complain if things change last minute, if you’re given pie-in-the-face routines on Raw.

“Whatever it may be, that’s what Vince does. That’s what Vince likes and that’s how he operates. So, you go there knowing what you’re getting in to."

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