Hypnotised Scottish pub-goer wakes up and sings Sweet Caroline – in Chinese

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    This is the hilarious moment a man being hypnotised into singing Sweet Caroline in Chinese in front of punters in a pub.

    Ben Wright and his girlfriend Monica McGrudden went to The Whiskey Well in Hamilton of South Lanarkshire, Scotland for on the first day of 2023. They went to see a comedy hypnosis show performed by certified hypnotist Steven Cairns and ended up going viral after Ben volunteered to participate.

    In the video shared by Monica, Ben and three other pub-goers appear to be sleeping while being put in a hypnotic state.

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    Steven, who stands on a stage behind the participants, picks up a microphone and tells Ben: "When you wake up this time, you are gonna sing Sweet Caroline in Chinese.

    "You're gonna hear the music in one, two, three..right now."

    When Ben wakes up, he turns around and grabs the microphone off Steven's hand, cheering the crowd to clap for him.

    As the music intro starts, he sings in a foreign language in full confidence.

    Monica and the audience can't start laughing as they watch Ben dancing and encouraging the them to follow.

    "Honestly unreal!" she wrote in the post.

    Ben might not be actually singing Sweet Caroline in Chinese, but the pub-goers were happy to sing along in English.

    Monica later commented and said: "It’s been confirmed by the people in the Chinese he’s in fact singing in Japanese."

    Ben shared the video on his Twitter the next day, saying: "Hypnotist up the pub done us stinking last.

    "It's the strangest thing ever, pure out of body experience."

    "This is absolutely brilliant," a viewer commented.

    And another shared: "I did it once years ago about ten year ago…it’s weird you know you are doing it but you can’t stop yourself.

    "This is going to go viral made my day."


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