Woman who spent £80k on ‘cartoon’ look kicks surgery addiction for normal life

A woman who became famous for wanting to look like a cartoon has made the decision to remove most of her plastic surgery after one operation almost killed her.

Pixiee Fox previously went to great lengths to have an impossibly tiny waist, inflated cleavage and doll-like facial features.

Her goal was to look exactly like a cartoon, in which she was successful, having spent more than $119,200 (£79,160) on surgical procedures to achieve her look.

Pixiee once said that the cartoon characters Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and Holli Would from Cool World.

The former electrician even went as far as to have six of her lower ribs removed in a bid to shrink her waist to a record-breaking 14 inches.

"Those cartoon characters represent the idealisation of the female body," she previously explained.

"I want to have the tiny waist, the butt, big boobs, big eyes and a really pretty face.

"Having my ribs removed was just another step in achieving that ideal.'

Pixiee underwent the extreme five-hour keyhole surgery to have her ribs removed, with the operation being irreversible.

While it is usually performed for medical reasons, it can be done for cosmetic purposes after extensive consultation.

But that has all changed as Pixiee has stepped away from the Instagram account that made her famous and started a new one, sharing a more honest and raw side of herself with her followers.

This was spurred on by the fact that she faced severe complications when she went under the knife for one procedure.

“Thank you for being patient. I am recovering from a complication during surgery. I have been spending time with family and a few friends that have been very helpful during this process,” she wrote on Instagram.

Pixiee later shared another update, telling her fans what exactly happened.

“I was a person famous for having plastic surgery, and I have advertised doctors and the procedures they have done on me. I am making this post now because I see other girls advertising this doctor who almost ended my life,” she said.

“I live at home with my family in Sweden, recovering from the brain damage I got after surgery with this doctor. He destroyed so many people's lives. Even ended peoples life. He takes no responsibility for it. He even blocked me from his Instagram!

“Of course that is what he does when things go wrong. I am not the first one. I am just doing this post as a warning to other people and girls. Don’t trust this doctor.

“I am lucky to still be alive after been in a coma for more then one week. So luky to have friends and family coming to my ade and getting me home to Sweden [sic].”

She also revealed that she was going to get her Brightocular eyes removed, which is a permanent eye changing colour surgery.

“It is not an FDA approved procedure and it got it done in India a long time ago,” Pixiee explained.

“First I will get the implants removed and in time corona transplantation if needed.”

While she hasn't specified what else she will have removed or dissolved, some followers have encouraged her to remove her breasts.

"Pixee I took out my breast implant I feel amazing now praying for you to do the same start a go fund me I’ll donate," one person commented on Pixiee's Instagram.

"Please stop with the plastic surgery, one day you will damage yourself and you are more than good enough and very beautiful already. Health is wealth," another wrote.

A third person added: "No judgement because I LOVE YOU but I always thought you went too far with his surgery mainly because your natural eye colour is 100 times prettier."

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