‘Taking the mick!’ Royal Mail warns of fresh postal delays – full list of postcodes affect

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Royal Mail has been experiencing a series of delays since before Christmas due to Covid-related issues. One of these issues includes staff shortages. Some areas in the UK are affected more than others.

On its website, Royal Mail explained that it operates an air, rail, and road network to move letters and parcels between its distribution hubs, mail processing centres, and delivery offices around the UK.

Today, it has updated customers on how well these networks are operating.

Fortunately, its air, rail, and road networks have been operating to schedule over the last 24 hours.

Its mail centres have all been operating to schedule over the last 24 hours too.

As for its deliveries, Royal Mail has warned customers of some delays throughout the country.

This is despite deliveries operating as normal across most of the UK.

Royal Mail said: “We aim to deliver to all addresses we have mail for, six days a week.

“In a small number of local offices this may temporarily not be possible due to local issues such as Covid-related self-isolation, high levels of sick absence, resourcing, or other local factors.

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“In those cases we will rotate deliveries to minimise the delay to individual customers.

“We also provide targeted support to those offices to address their challenges and restore our service to the high standard our customers would normally receive.”

The postal service added: “We’re sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

“We will regularly update customers on the offices most impacted here.”

The postcodes most affected by the delays today are listed below.

Chulmleigh DO (EX18)

Hanwell DO (W7)

Liverpool South East DO (L13, L15 and L16)

Southend on Sea DO (SS0 to SS4, SS9 and SS22)

Today, a unique update has been announced on the Royal Mail website, particularly affecting the residents of Winchester, Hampshire.

This is due to the fact Prince Charles is set to visit the city.

Royal Mail said: “Services in central Winchester may be disrupted on Thursday February 10, due to a planned visit by the Prince of Wales.

“Jewry Street and parts of Tower Street will be closed between 9.30am and 4pm. We’ll attempt deliveries where access is possible.”

Britons all over the country have expressed their frustration with the postal service on social media, especially as the delays have been ongoing since before the Christmas period.

Twitter user David Hobden wrote: “I know @RoyalMail have done a great job to keep deliveries moving over the last two years – but there have been inevitable delays to delivers – just received post date June 2021!!!!”

Arno Blok said: “Is royal mail experiencing delays because of employees having to quarantaine. I normally don’t receive a lot of complaints from customers not receiving packages in time. But since last week I receive a lot. What should I tell them?”

Scott Bradley added: “@RoyalMail I’m still waiting for three separate packages, earliest one sent on the 19th and it still hasn’t arrived. What is going on? I know there’s a delay but this is taking the mick!”

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