Grimes Says Billionaire Elon Musk Lives Like He’s Below The Poverty Line

Grimes had a variety of interesting things to say about her on-and-off partner Elon Musk. In a new interview, not only did the singer reveal that she welcomed another child with the businessman, but also that he prefers to live on the lower side of the socioeconomic scale, despite being the richest person in the world.

While speaking to Vanity Fair, Grimes said that Elon rarely lives like a billionaire. Rather, the SpaceX founder prefers to save as much money as possible to go towards funding his pricey plan to colonize space, starting with Mars.

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“People are like, ‘He’s hoarding money!’ No, he’s spending everything on [research and development],” she explained, adding he’s doing it for the “benefit of humanity.” The Canadian musician said that while Elon “might say a lot of stupid” things, “he does the right thing” when it matters.

Grimes went so far as to allege that Elon – who’s worth an estimated $227 billion – lives below the poverty line.

“Bro does not live like a billionaire… Bro lives at times below the poverty line,” she continued. “To the point where I was like, ‘Can we not live in a very insecure $40,000 house? Where the neighbors, like, film us, and there’s no security, and I’m eating peanut butter for eight days in a row?'”

However, Grimes has received backlash for her description of the eccentric billionaire. As per Buzzfeed, many people spoke out online against Grimes’ comments, which where branded as offensive and out of touch.

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“Is anyone going to break the news to Grimes that being cheap is not the same thing as being in poverty oh my God,” one person tweeted. Another added, “Worst part is she doesn’t know the different between being CHEAP and POOR.”

Many critics pointed out the difference between choosing to live frugally and being below the poverty line, with the latter being a government standard to indicate being poor.

However, the backlash has been clouded by another revelation Grimes made while speaking to Vanity Fair – she and Elon welcomed a second child in secret.

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The singer attempted to keep her baby’s identity a secret in the interview, but after the newborn began crying, Grimes revealed the reporter they had indeed welcomed a new baby, a daughter named Exa Dark Sideræl, whose nickname is Y.

The couple, who have been romantically linked since 2018, also have an 18-month old son, X Æ A-12 Musk, though they call him X for short.

Despite reports that they broke up in September, Grimes also confirmed in the interview she and Elon are involved, though she said they are “fluid” and dislike putting a label on their relationship.

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