Serena Williams Reveals Daughter Olympia, 2½, Is Part Owner of a New Women's Soccer Franchise

"We started building this group, and then Alexis came on as our lead investor," the Black Swan star said of Ohanian, 37. "Then we started gathering a group of incredible people, majority women, to be in our ownership group. Now we're going, and it's really, really exciting."

Ahead of its spring 2022 debut, the franchise has partnered with the LA84 Foundation, a nonprofit created following the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. The institution has supported sports programs for girls and underserved people around the city — including minority communities, the physically challenged and developmentally disabled — through its Play Equity Fund.

While Portman never imagined she'd one day be at the helm of a professional sports team, she's embraced the role and how her team can inspire the next generation of female athletes. "I see what an important role sports have in children, in terms of what they spend their time doing and their friendships," she told PEOPLE.

That's one of the reasons why the V for Vendetta actress and the team's founders feel building a new franchise is so important — to inspire Los Angeles area youth with a team of female soccer heroes to call their own, and celebrate them they way they deserve to be.

"[We want to] expand those sports heroes — and those sports modeling behaviors — to have women in those positions, too," Portman said. "To celebrate women at the same level as the way we celebrate male athletes is culture-shifting."

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