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Tarek El Moussa Ponders Becoming a Hot Yoga Instructor as Ex Christina Announces New Solo Show

Tarek El Moussa could be turning his go-to workout into a new job.

The Flip or Flop star, 36, shared a photo of himself on Instagram in the middle of a hot yoga class and asked his followers for some feedback on potentially becoming an instructor.

“So I have a question….as many of you know hot yoga changed my life. It’s one of the main things that got me through my divorce as well as many other struggles…it’s amazing how hot yoga is therapy for the mind, body and soul,” he wrote. “QUESTION- if I get certified to teach yoga, would anyone come to my classes at Radiant Hot Yoga in Newport Beach? I’d love some feedback before I jump in!”

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Fans were quick to encourage him to follow through. “Of course they would!!! Your classes would be packed. Do it!!!” said one commenter.

Another added, “If I’ve learned anything this far into my life, it is to GO For it!!! Don’t let others decide your destiny. Who cares if they say they would show up!!! The right students will find you.”

Actress Selma Blair even chimed in in the comments, writing, “If I lived closer for sure.”

Tarek has previously spoken about finding solace in the workout amid his split from ex-wife Christina, who also stars alongside him on their hit HGTV series, currently in its seventh season, filmed after their split.

“I’m going through such a traumatic experience, and you’re always trying to find yourself and find different ways to release stress, and someone had mentioned hot yoga,” he told PEOPLE in November. “And I just fell in love with it. I found that it was so difficult it would take away all my stress and my negative energy. It was kind of like therapy for me.”

Tarek’s teasing of a potential new gig comes the same day as Christina announced that she’ll be starring in a new solo HGTV series, Christina on the Coast, premiering in 2019

“I’m excited to do my own thing,” she exclusively tells PEOPLE. “It’s going to be fun and light-hearted. I feel like it’s a win-win.”

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Christina, 34, recently sold her Yorba Linda, California, mansion, where she’s lived for the last five years, and is moving to Newport Beach with her daughter Taylor, 7, and son Brayden, 2, whom she shares with Tarek. For the first episode of her design show, cameras will document how she renovates her new home, while the seven subsequent episodes will follow her as she helps other homeowners transform their own outdated properties into high-end showplaces.

“I’ll be able to do what I like more which is the design part,” she says. “That’s always been what I’m good at, and people are always asking me to come help them do their house. It’s going to be fun to be able to add my taste, and not have a flip budget.”

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