Home and Away spoilers: Robbo offers to track down Jasmine’s long-lost father

Jasmine (Sam Frost) and Robbo’s (Jake Ryan) relationship couldn’t be in a better place in the final countdown to their wedding, although Jasmine is stressed about the long list of unfinished tasks that need completing before the big day.

Robbo offers to help, and she gives him some of the tasks, while Willow (Sarah Roberts) volunteers to step in and help her pick up the dress.

Meanwhile, Colby (Tim Franklin) asks Robbo if he’s having a buck’s party, but he isn’t fussed about organising a celebration like that – he’s perfectly happy to spend the time with his bride to be.

However, Colby, is adamant that something needs to be organised, and starts to make secret plans for the pair.

Robbo makes plans to have dinner with Jasmine in Yabbie Creek that night, but Colby manages to persuade them to have a quick drink at Salt beforehand. When they walk into the bar, a gathering of their friends is ready to greet them with a surprise party for their wedding, much to their delight.

To Robbo’s surprise, Colby has even managed to track down his old friend Lance (Angus McLaren) from his time in the Feds, and he introduces his bride to him.

Jasmine admires the bond between the two friends, who reminisce over old times. Lance considers how happy Robbo is, and says that leaving the Feds was clearly the right choice for him.

Robbo says he never thought he’d be this happy again and vows not to mess up his brand new life.

Meanwhile, Irene (Lynne McGranger) sees Jasmine out on the balcony looking teary, and asks her what’s wrong.

Jasmine admits that, while everything is perfect, seeing Robbo with his old friend and meeting his parents has reminded her that she doesn’t have any family or friends from her past to celebrate her big day with her.

When he notices Jasmine has disappeared, Robbo goes looking for her and finds her out on the balcony with Jasmine. Although Jasmine puts on a brave face, Robbo isn’t fooled – but can’t get through to her.

He asks Irene what’s going on, and although she won’t betray Jasmine’s trust, she urges him to keep talking to her.

Eventually, Robbo manages to get Jasmine to open up. She reveals that seeing him with his family and best friend has just reminded her of how alone she is in the world.

Robbo tells her that he could track down her dad for her if she wants – that is the sort of thing he’s trained to do, after all. Will Jasmine take Robbo up on his offer and rediscover her past?

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