The iconic brands that may lose their Royal Warrant over the Queen's death

Royal Warrants are a mark of pride for businesses around the world.

It is a sign that out of all your competitors, your product has been given the royal seal of approval, with your product used regularly in the royal household. 

The status holders did not only gain pride; the royal seal of approval also has a financial award, with research by Brand Finance suggesting in 2017 that Royal Warrant holders may earn 5% of their revenue as a result of it. 

But, like our National Anthem and currency, changes are expected for the holders of Royal Warrants since the late Monarch’s death earlier this month. The Royal Warrant Association has said that businesses that were granted Royal Warrants by the Queen will have to reapply for their warrants. 

Though the companies will be able to use the Royal Arms for two more years, this now means that the Royal Warrant Document for these businesses is void. 

The late Queen granted more than 600 Royal Warrants in her lifetime (a few thousand shy of the 2,000 Queen Victoria gave out), representing businesses from a supplier of 18th Century Porcelains to umbrella manufacturers.

She also gave Royal Warrant’s to iconic brands such as Heinz, which even released two Queen themed bottles for her Platinum Jubilee and to McVities, the company which baked her wedding cake in 1947. 

Ahead, we take a look at the brands that will be affected by the monarch’s death.


The Queen’s relationship with Heinz began before she even took the throne, with the company granted a Royal Warrant by her father, King George VI. This relationship was solidified when, a year after her coronation, our late Monarch granted the Warrant again. 

The Queen visited the Heinz Beanz factory in 2009 to celebrate the factory’s 50th Anniversary. Heinz returned the favour in 2022, releasing two limited-edition bottles to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum jubilee, allowing customers to buy HM sauce (HP Sauce) and salad Queen (Heinz Salad Cream). 

A Heinz spokesperson tells that it was the ‘highest honour to supply the Royal Household with Heinz products since 1951, and we sincerely hope to be able to continue doing so for many years to come’.

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They added: ‘However, at this time, our thoughts are with the members of the Royal Family.

‘Everyone at Heinz is deeply saddened by the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and we offer our sincerest condolences.

‘We are so grateful for the extraordinary service Her Majesty gave to the nation.’


In 2022 BT broadband covered over 6.4million UK premises. At least one of these premises was the official residence of the Queen. 

The company, which can trace its roots back to the reign of Queen Victoria, has been the supplier of Communications, Broadband and Networked services to the Queen since 2007, when it gained its Royal Warrant.. 

In a statement to BT did not confirm if the company would apply to retain its Royal Warrant, simply saying that they would ‘follow the process outlined by the Royal Warrant Holders Association’.

John Lewis

John Lewis was one of many supermarkets that closed in honour of the Queen’s funeral on Friday, however its bond with the late Monarch goes deeper. 

A Royal Warrant holder since 2008, John Lewis supplied haberdashery and household goods to the Royal Household.

While the monarch herself was never seen shopping in John Lewis, the Princess of Wales was once seen doing her christmas shopping in the iconic department store. 

A John Lewis representative tells ‘It goes without saying that we remain very proud to have the Royal Warrant from Her Majesty The Queen, and we’ll liaise with The Royal Household on future arrangements when the time is right to do so.’


An interview with The Telegraph in 2015 revealed for breakfast that the Queen liked to eat a bowl of cereal, sometimes jazzed up with a bit of fruit. The cereal of choice? None other than Kellogg’s Special K. 

Though the extract date Kelloggs got its Royal Warrant is unknown, it is assumed to have gained one at the start of its UK operations in the 1920s.

So close was the relationship between the Queen and the brand, in the 1980s Kellogg’s used to deliver its cornflakes to the Royal Family in a vintage van called Genevieve straight from the factory. This has since been retired. 

Kellogg’s even developed the World’s Poshest Cereal to celebrate the monarch becoming the longest-reigning British monarch in 2015. The cereal was mixed with macadamia nuts and edible diamonds and pearls. 

When asked by about the future of Kellogg’s Royal Warrant a spokesperson said: ‘It has been a privilege for Kellogg’s to hold the Royal Warrant for the Queen’s reign, and part of that of her father King George VI too.

‘For now we are taking a moment to remember her Majesty the Queen and will be exploring the future of our Warrant in due course.’

United Biscuits

United Biscuits, which owns McVities, has had a long history with the Royal family. The Queen’s own wedding cake, like the one for her Grandfather’s own wedding, was made by McVities.

The cake was 9ft tall and weighed 500 pounds, with the ingredients being flown in from all round the world it was nicknamed the “10,000 mile cake”. It was decorated with the coat of arms of the happy couple, figures engaging in the couple’s favourite activity and regimental and naval badges. 

Mcvities made further cakes for the Queen, including one to commemorate her Platinum Jubilee in 2022. 

Though it is unknown when United Biscuits got their Royal Warrant, Carr’s, who are owned by United Biscuits, got its first Royal Warrant in 1831. 

When contacted by, United Biscuits said they had no comment on if they would try and reapply for their Royal Warrant. 

Other brands that received a Royal Warrant from the Queen:

  • Bendicks
  • Boots
  • Britvic, makers of Robinsons Fruit Juice 
  • Cadbury
  • Dairy Crests, makers of Cathedral City Cheese
  • Champagne Bollinger 
  • Champagne Moet and Chandon
  • Coca-Cola
  • Gordon’s gin
  • Premier Foods, makers of Mr Kippling and Loyd Grossman Sauces
  • Pimms 
  • Schweppes
  • Twinings Tea 
  • Unilever
  • Weetabix

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