See-through plastic pants are now considered ‘Pretty’

Remember when “festival style” meant flower crowns, fringe, diaphanous dresses and gladiator sandals? Clearly, those days are over.

Pun intended: UK brand Pretty Little Thing has launched its latest festival-inspired line, and among the sexy styles are a collection of scandalously transparent trousers, miniskirts, cropped jackets and bustiers.

The garments — which are ostensibly made of “mixed fibers” but look like Saran Wrap — come in hot pink, lilac, lime and “completely clear” and cost about $26 to $45.

Because nothing screams “summer music fest” quite like wrapping yourself in plastic!

Social media has broken into a sweat over these (literally) steamy styles. After all, plastic — or vinyl or whatever unholy synthetic combo produced these things — isn’t exactly known for its breathable qualities.

One Twitter user shared a screen shot of the clear pants-and-jacket ensemble with the caption “I.dont.understand.” Another joked, “For those sexy moments you want to get thrush at a festival.”


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