How you can buy this Prada catwalk art for £17

This week in Milan, Miuccia Prada sent a series of comic book motifs down the catwalk, papering everything from cardigans to clutches, and even the straps of some shoes.

When the collection arrives in stores, it will likely become a huge deal for luxury shoppers, aspiring street style stars, and celebrities. (Can’t you see Zendaya wearing one of the coats to a Spiderman press junket?)

The comic-al collection won’t hit shops until 2018, but like many superhero stories, there’s a loophole: one of its most prominent graphics is available to buy right now.

That’s thanks to Australian artist Stellar Leuna, whose Fatale character got prime real estate on Prada’s bags, jackets, and shirts. The graphic is available now as a high-gloss vinyl sticker that’s 11cm in height. It’s a perfect Prada call-out for laptops, skate decks, luggage, or even stuck to a plain plastic clutch.

The sticker costs 30 Australian dollars, which is roughly £17 in the UK. That’s a smart investment,.


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