Nascar Star Ryan Newman, 42, Raced To Hospital After Scary Crash At Daytona 500 — Watch

Ryan Newman’s car flipped into the air several times before exploding into flames in this horrifying video and his condition remains unclear.

Ryan Newman, 42, has been rushed to hospital. The NASCAR driver was involved in an extremely scary crash while driving his final lap of the Daytona 500 on Monday, Feb. 17 in Florida and footage from the accident is shocking. Ryan’s car veers to the left of the track — cutting off other racers — as it collides with the barrier and flips. The car then bounces off another vehicle as it rotates in the air and explodes into flames. The other vehicles — including Ryan Blaney, who nudged Ryan’s car — race by as Ryan’s continues to skid on the track, upside down and right past the finish line.

In slow motion, parts of the vehicle seems to fall apart on impact and fly into the air. The car was severely dented as it was then hit again by another racer, showing other parts also detaching from the main body of the vehicle. “On the inside, they lock bumpers and it turns Ryan Newman around — upside down he goes,” a FOX Sports broadcaster narrated over the video clip. “Ryan Newman goes around, the car goes to its roof and then here’s Corey LaJoie,” another host added, referencing one of the other racers.

Ryan was immediately rushed to hospital, and emergency personnel — along with an ambulance — could be seen on-site. The South Bend, Indiana native’s condition currently remains unclear, reports TMZ, and no other racers appear to be suffering injuries from the crash. It’s also being reported that the race was delayed by weather.

The NASCAR star was leading on his final lap when the crash happened. Denny Hamlin ultimately took the first-place prize — making this his third win overall and second in a row — and Ryan was credited with coming in fourth.

The horrifying accident comes just four days after Ryan announced he was separating from his wife of 16 years Krissie Newman, 42. “After 16 years of marriage, Krissie and I have decided to amicably separate. We will continue to jointly raise our girls, while remaining friends and continuing to work together supporting Rescue Ranch. Thank you for the years of support and friendship. We ask that our daughters’ privacy be respected at this time,” he shared on Twitter on Thursday, Feb. 13. The couple are parents to daughters Brooklyn Sage and Ashlyn Olivia.

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