Kacie McDonnell gives apology for ‘insensitive comments’ on NESN

What did Kacie McDonnell say on NESN?

Kacie McDonnell’s comments arrived during a Boston Red Sox vs. Minnesota Twins. In a segment called “The Social Stretch,” McDonnell commented on a social media video showing a male fan at a Memphis Redbirds baseball game. The man was eating mayonnaise from a large jar with a spoon and spilled some on his t-shirt.

That prompted McDonnell to say, “That’s disgusting…It looked like he spilled some on his t-shirt, his guinea tea there.” The term “guinea tee” is what has prompted some backlash against Kacie McDonnell.

“Guinea” to describe Italians is considered offensive by some people. A “guinea tee” is also slang for “a sleeveless mens undershirt; a wifebeater or muscle T,” per Awful Announcing (via Urban Dictionary).

Kacie McDonnell’s apology for “insensitive comments”

”… before we get to tonight’s Social Drive (sic), I’d like to take a minute to apologize to our viewers in particular those who I offended by an insensitive comment in my report last night. There’s no excuse for my use of hurtful words and again for that, I am truly, truly sorry.”

While some viewers on social media were suggesting McDonnell should be fired over the remarks, others have said they didn’t find or even know it as offensive. A Reddit thread here discusses the comments. So far, NESN has yet to take any specific action to punish Kacie McDonnell for her remarks.

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