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YouTuber ripped for trying to talk to the ‘spirit’ of Mac Miller

This YouTuber’s take on ghost hunting could haunt him.

YouTuber ImJayStation, whose real name is Jason Ethier, has caught flak for trying to communicate with the “spirit” of Mac Miller days after the 26-year-old rapper’s suicide.

The video begins with Ethier asking viewers to give the clip a thumbs up as a “prayer for Mac Miller.” He then pulls out an EVP — or electronic voice phenomenon — device which he claims “scans the AM, FM radio waves at a really high pace” to allow the alleged spirit of Miller to talk with him.

Ethier starts his EVP device and begins to caption supposed muffled dialogue he hears from a speaker. He attempts to question the radio static, at one point asking, “Were you sad about Ariana Grande?”

Ethier continues to question the noise coming from the speaker asking about the reasons behind Miller’s suicide. Later in the video, he claims a faint voice belonging to Miller allegedly told him that he “made a mistake” and not to worry because he was OK. Ethier’s purported connection with the spirit realm comes to a close when a Grande video comes on a nearby TV and the EVP device turns off.

The 14-minute video has been widely criticized because Ethier enabled ads on the video to make money off the late rapper’s suicide. Viewers flooded the comments section of the video with negative remarks.

“You’re a delusional human being,” one user wrote.

“You are so sick, why would you even do that,” another replied. “You should be ashamed.”

Ethier dismissed the criticism in an interview with the Daily Dot.

“Everyone gains attention from [celebrity] death, by talking about it,” he said.

Ethier previously sparked outrage with another video trying to use a ouija board after the murder of XXXTentacion. Although the videos have garnered thousands of views, Ethier is begrudgingly putting to rest his attempts to commune with more dead celebs on video.

“No I won’t do another celebrity who dies, even though if I did an EVP or ouija board video on Michael Jackson, Elvis, the Beatles, etc., people wouldn’t care if I did that,” Ethier told the Daily Dot.

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